"What’s the difference?" Graves dusted his ashes in a depressed way. In his memory, Chen Senran didn’t agree with him several times.

"The most important thing is Svein ….." Chen Senran turned his head to the battlefield. Although he is blind, his strength is definitely better than Graves’s. "It is absolutely impossible to have such a little thing … there must be cards."
What is it?
What is it?
They rely on
Puerto Rico stood on the city wall and watched as the ninja army rushed to make siege equipment, struggling in vain in the tall deciduous city
Constantly buried in rolling stones and hot oil
He really can’t figure out what the other side is attacking.
Is this the so-called samurai heart?
"My Lord …" At this moment, his loyal Flynn interrupted him and whispered, "My Lord, rolling stones and hot oil are not enough …"
"Oh …" Puerto Rico raised his eyebrows and there was no emotional fluctuation. "It’s okay. They can’t attack General Meng Qi? Still busy? "
"… is" Flynn nodded awkwardly and didn’t know what to say.
"I know, you should check another gate and don’t make any mistakes." Puerto Rico frowned and waved his head to the city again.
Ninja, what do you have?
"Adult casualties preliminary estimate has reached one thousand …"
In the face of the progress of the offensive, the balanced elders in the ninja legion are all a little sad. An elder who can’t hide his words can not but say to silence
"Well …" Ji nodded calmly. "Be patient and don’t forget this basic case. We should have confidence in Shen, who shoulders the glory of twilight eyes and won’t let us down."
"But … my Lord," retorted another man, "is he now a … rebel?" The last few words, though he bit very little.
But in the end, everyone heard it.
"F * * king! ! !” Unexpectedly, Ji immediately flew into a rage like a lion with loose hair. "You should remember that Shen represents a great family, and his family once brought balance to the peak and faced glory. You should always maintain respect and be insurmountable, you know?"
Do you know?
The three words are already very light, and the silence has returned to the original calm.
But no one dared to speak, and everyone held their breath and bowed their heads to show fear.
And Ji turned his head to the direction of the fallen leaves city, and his eyes became old and muddy again and stared deeply.
Say in your heart, be careful and be quick
Shen ran very fast.
Very fast
He swings in the fallen leaves city and flies at his feet, just like he swings in the street.
Once the most prosperous city on the east coast of Ionia, Fallen Leaves City is now full of pedestrians, and there are not even patrol soldiers because of the shortage of naval personnel during the invasion of Noxas.
But he is still cautious.
A man who won the balanced ninja conference three times, he almost achieved the best of a ninja.
As fast as the wind, Xu Rulin’s aggression is as motionless as a mountain.
He interpreted these fourteen words almost perfectly.
Another corner
Careful, a beautiful jump quickly flashed into a shadow.
The destination is in sight.