Eyes immediately cold to quote a name "lega quick"

See the opposite, it seems, there are still some things that I can’t remember. Yan Shuhan reported the background information of the other party in my mind.
"Now the deputy leader of Red Python is a Mexican. We used to call him Lega. Six years ago, when Yangcheng was attacked by terrorists, he was the captain of the opposite team. I had a fight with him. He likes to fight against heavy weapons, and he is very reckless, undisciplined and not afraid of death."
"It’s really him. I’m dazzled."
Listen to people say that Wen Mingyuan’s face is so ugly. "Damn how can such a person suddenly …"
"It’s not sudden," Yan Shuhan corrected the other person’s words. "It’s a long-planned thing. I told you once that the alpha signal showed that he had gone to North America, which means that the leader of the viper may have plans to get back together with the red python."
"I’m not sure if they’ll really get back together, but at least it looks that way."
"…" Wen Mingyuan felt that he was really old, and his head could not be turned around.
Listen to Yan Shu cold asked him, "Do you need me to come over? Or send someone over? "
"No, that sounds like something? PA is not nobody’s condition, and he can’t come this time. "
Wen Mingyuan pinched the eyebrows. "I will handle this matter well. I hope those good media will be less demon then."
In recent years, the situation in the world has been unstable, and the underdeveloped areas have been almost at war, and this land is not really going to make any big things for the time being.
However, foreign forces have always been greedy wolves with green eyes, and they have never given up their delicious meat. From time to time, they have to make some noise to "smell", for example, the former FDM received a red python and declared war.
Dare not be serious on a large scale, but are keen on benefiting online public opinion to create panic.
Inside and outside, it’s true and false, and most netizens are young, and they are afraid that someone will believe it foolishly at first sight.
Then, alarmist, denounced the alliance, and then when the alliance failed, the child who shouted "Wolf" would "become" the dishonest child who shouted "Wolf" among some people.
In such an era, the credibility of an organization can’t stand tossing.
The contradiction between alpha, bea and ega is about to enter a white hot spot. If anything goes wrong again, the consequences will be unimaginable.
"All right, then I won’t bother you."
It’s getting late when Yan Shuhan glanced at it. Ask the person "Hang up? Is there anything else to say? "
"I haven’t hung up for the time being." Wen Mingyuan nodded his head at the people and motioned for Yan Shuhan to hang up.
Put the mobile phone in his pocket, Wen Mingyuan looked up at the big screen, his eyebrows were slightly condensed, his eyes were sharp, and he studied the war strategy.
Hang up after a beep. The right corner shows 11: 10.
There is still half an hour before class starts, and ega thinks that she will see each other in a mess and gradually calm down.
Tall and handsome alpha sat down in Lili’s previous unfinished document and continued to look like he picked up a pen and made comments. He couldn’t help thinking about several key words in his mind.
Red Python, Viper, the young alpha left by the counter-terrorism predecessor, and this Lega today …
I didn’t expect the other party to be so impatient that they started to hijack the civilian ship and kidnap one hundred people …
Doubt is naked provocation.
Yan city police station is also incredibly dare to maliciously drag and drop, causing PA to miss saving gold for three hours when receiving the news.
It seems that in a few days, online public opinion will explode again.
But why is this the time …
It’s almost noon and the sun jumps to the desk again.
The golden light is reflected in the eyes, and Yan Shuhan stops being a marker.
Suddenly remind of what alpha picked up the phone and put it aside, opened the unlock interface, flipped through the address book and dialed a word.
"hello? Master Shu Han? "
The other party obviously knew what sound he was going to ask, and it sounded very festive.
"We have received your design drawings and are choosing the best diamonds for you in the warehouse."
"We’re all dead. Why don’t you come and choose? Oh, you don’t know that these pieces are not easy to choose for guests in our store. We all like to go to many places and collect them at many auctions. "
"It’s too difficult and too hard for us to choose between them."
Perhaps the other person’s tone is too humorous. Yan Shuhan smiled gently and shook his head.
After thinking about it, I think it’s also an important thing like a wedding ring, so I’d better choose it myself.
Anyway, it’s more sincere.
But he definitely didn’t promise ega to go out this morning yesterday, and his wife also said that she should remember to pick him up at noon. Wouldn’t it be unpleasant if she didn’t receive the video call on the first day?
That won’t work.
It’s too late. ega is at home. Naturally, he doesn’t want to go out.
If you want to go there, I’m afraid he will have it by noon
Yan Shuhan flipped through Ling Yu and sent himself today’s itinerary. He looked at it after 2: 15 pm, but he had to leave for home at 4: 30 or he would not have dinner with ega.
Let’s finish the meeting at 2: 15 before 3: 00 and then go to the other store.
"Can this afternoon? I estimate that I will drive directly outside your store at 2: 50. "
The other jewelry store is located in the suburb of Jiangshi, which is a retro small building designed by itself.
"Yes, there is our shop at seven o’clock in the afternoon."
The other end seems to be very flattered, smiling from ear to ear and even saying a few good things.
I was just about to say, well, let’s just do it, and I heard another sound coming out of the words
I was very surprised to answer the phone. The other shopkeeper said it was-