Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II
Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II
Wanyao Mountain, the largest mountain group in Nanbu Prefecture, was not called Wanyao Mountain tens of thousands of years ago. After the establishment of Wanyao Hall, the deputy hall owner Phoenix Shenniao renamed the mountain group Wanyao Mountain, in which millions of demon fairy and tens of millions of small demons were stationed.
Tens of thousands of years ago, several large sects of Xiandao were stationed in the mountains, and the lair of the fire unicorn happened to be in the volcano. Later, there was a fire sect. Because it couldn’t get along in Dongsheng Shenzhou, it came to Nanbu Island to try its luck. Suddenly, I found the rest place of the fire unicorn, and I wanted to take it for myself. Fortunately, I built a mountain gate in it, in which the fire force was sufficient, and it was absolutely twice the result with half the effort.
A group of road flyovers in Jin Xian repaired the fire. They knew that the fire Kirin, which had already possessed the realm of Xuanxian at that time, was falling asleep in the magma in the volcano, and accidentally woke up the sleeping fire Kirin. The crazy fire Kirin suddenly became fierce, and the fire repair sect was sparsely populated, which was even more completely out of the family.
The Japanese Fire Kirin, which was not Japanese, didn’t even let go of several large sects nearby, all of them were slain, and thousands of immortals were slaughtered. At that time, the Chinese Fire Kirin had the cultivation of Xuanxian’s superior rank, and even the immortal emperor of Antarctica couldn’t do anything about it. Countless Xiandao sects near it were scared to leave here.
This bloody story soon spread all over Nanshan, and countless demon fairy heard about it and came to take refuge in the fire unicorn, but the fire unicorn, who had spilled the fire, went back to the magma and continued to sleep, completely ignoring the tens of thousands of demon fairy waiting outside.
The shrewd Phoenix Bird has long seen that the fire unicorn has no ambition for rights, so it mobilized all the demon fairy to form the Hall of Demons. Fire Kirin was jointly elected as the temple master, and the Phoenix Bird was the great sage of the demon, so it was also elected as the deputy temple master. Fire Kirin didn’t care, so they were scared and tossed up.
Phoenix Bird has great ambition and great ability, and soon constructed the whole framework of the Demon Hall. Tens of thousands of demon fairy, who had been bullied by Xiandao to the point where there was no way out, are now sheltered by Fire Kirin. There will also be two hearts, all loyal to the Wanyao Temple, which will make the Wanyao Temple rise in Nanbu Island soon.
After tens of thousands of years’ development, Wanyao Temple has already become the biggest force in Nanshan, and countless fairy tales have been driven out of the continent, leaving only some left-wing Daimon Masaru sects, all of whom are monsters. They formed the Left Alliance to resist the oppression of Xiandao, with Huoqilin as the leader and The Hunger, the founder of The Hunger Shinto, as the deputy leader.
At this point, Nan Shan Bu Zhou almost completely fell into the hands of the Left Alliance, and the Antarctic Immortal Emperor never interfered. He only had a million heavenly generals in his hand, and if he wanted to fight against tens of millions of troops on the Left, it was undoubtedly throwing eggs at stones. Therefore, watching countless large sects of Xiandao being forced out of Nanshan Prefecture, they all turned a blind eye.
Jinyang was lying on the top of the blue wolf’s head, followed by six people flying towards the center of Nanshanbuzhou, led by the Phoenix God Bird, the deputy hall master of Wanyao Hall, and the five guardians of the demon gods, wherever they went. Demon fairy hid his figure in succession, and no one dared to be presumptuous.
Let go of the speed to fly, and the speed was really very fast. It didn’t take long for everyone to arrive at Wanyao Mountain. If the eye is a huge magic array, the whole Wanyao Mountain is wrapped in it, and the Wanyao Temple is in the array.
Jinyang and Qinglang are strangers. As soon as they got close to the huge array, they saw millions of extremely thin and extremely long demon stab generals coming. These monsters seem to have not been blessed by great magic. Hard as king kong.
It’s like a needle, it’s like Wan Jian’s hair. The sharp whistle resounded through the sky, and the rapid flight actually led to the Gangfeng, and the white clouds blowing all over the sky were stirred, and the scraped space was distorted. If ordinary monks met, I’m afraid their bodies would have been broken, and the gods would have been scattered, and they would have come to a miserable end.
Jinyang smiled coldly, and a wave of purple and gold rose rapidly, and quickly wrapped himself in the green wolf. No matter how hard those monsters are than King Kong, the cover of purple and gold is calm, and whoever hits the cover of purple and gold will melt in succession, becoming the most primitive energy atoms, and finally becoming a part of the cover of purple and gold.
Phoenix God Bird six people soon got into the array, and they didn’t tell Jinyang the secret of getting into the array. In Phoenix God Bird’s mind, as long as Jinyang really has the jade fairy cultivation mentioned by the temple master, then this demon array can’t stop him.
Looking at the six figures disappearing around the corner, Jinyang frowned slightly, patted his right hand on the top of the green wolf’s head, and a strong and incomparable energy quickly rushed into the green wolf’s body, mixing the demon yuan in the green wolf’s body, quickly entangled in the demon yuan contained in this law, and began to analyze the foundation of the law.
For Jinyang, no matter how hard the law is, it is just some energy, which is arranged in a strange order. As long as we find the characteristics of energy, plus the order and law of arrangement, it is simple to break the law.
With a sharp wolf roar, the demon array was suddenly broken into a huge hole. In the package of Zijin Zhenyuan in Jinyang, the green wolf quickly crossed the gap. As the figure of the green wolf disappeared, the huge gap disappeared, and all of them returned to normal in a blink of an eye.
By this time, the Phoenix Bird of God had put away his doubts, and his six people had the knack of entering the array, so they didn’t make any effort to enter the array. I thought that Jinyang, even with the cultivation of Jade Fairy, would wear away some time in the array of demons to break through the array and kill Jinyang’s pride.
To everyone’s horror, as soon as they stepped into the array, they found that the Green Wolf was already in the array and was deadlocked with tens of thousands of demon fairy. Jinyang also smiled at him intentionally or unintentionally, and the Phoenix God Bird suddenly felt a little ashamed, embarrassed to disperse many demon fairy, and smiled and said, "Master Xu is a good means."
Jinyang didn’t mind, and he didn’t care. He simply said, "Don’t waste any more time. Take me to see the fire unicorn at once. I have a lot of things to do."
Phoenix god bird immediately smiled and nodded, respectfully leading the way in front, and flew to a distant mountain. Jinyang patted the green wolf and followed him.
After watching Jinyang go, the five guardian demon gods reacted, headed by Xuanwu demon god, and looked at Suzaku and Baihu in succession.
The person transformed by the snake demon god is a young girl. Looking at the two men with horrified expressions, he said faintly, "You two are so good that even Yuxian dares to do it."
Although the white tiger is fierce, he is not mindless. His heart is full of terror, and his expression is a little embarrassed. Today, he received an order from the deputy temple Lord, saying that he was going to meet a Taoist priest. He knew that he was going to meet a jade fairy. If he had known it, he would have lent him courage, and he would never attack Jinyang’s other with white tiger’s murderous look.
Rosefinch is even more unbearable. I thought that I had spent the same day with Jinyang atrix and touched the wings that haven’t recovered. I was glad in my heart that I could escape my life under Yuxian, but I just lost my wings. This is definitely the capital to show off in front of others.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 366 Fire Kirin III
Celestial Volume Chapter 366 Fire Kirin III
Knowing that Jinyang, the incarnation, has great magic power and magical power, the Phoenix Bird of God did not dare to neglect it any more. He carefully led the way ahead, and led Jinyang towards the highest peak of Wanyao Mountain. The Phoenix Bird of God is a bird without virtue, and its speed is extremely fast, and the cultivation of the green wolf is not low. The two demon clouds are like lightning, and they fall in the air of the highest peak in a blink of an eye.
The phoenix bird stopped at a distance, suspended in mid-air, and flashed five virtues all over, and said to Jinyang, "Master Xu, my temple master is in this cave, and the cave is full of magic rock poison slurry. I’m sorry that I can’t accompany you, but I was injured during the alchemy, and I haven’t recovered yet, otherwise I will come out to meet him personally.
Jinyang stood on the top of the green wolf’s head, ordering the green wolf to fall at the mouth of the cave, and a faint purple and gold rose all over him, wrapping the body and the green wolf under the seat, so as to resist the strange heat airflow coming from the mouth of the cave. Even so carefully, the green wolf was still a little restless, and the temperature of this airflow was too high, which made the green wolf instinctively feel dangerous and afraid to get close to the slightest.
Jinyang’s eyes are simply swept, but the nearby mountains seem simple, but it is not natural according to the principle of Jiugong gossip. Someone moved the nearby mountains with great magic and arranged them forcibly according to an appearance that even Jinyang didn’t know. After the appearance was completed, the fire force within a million miles nearby was forcibly absorbed into the crater, bound by the appearance, and the fire force was not leaked. Over time,
Jinyang suddenly realized looking at the phoenix bird suspended in mid-air, no wonder this guy dare not come down. Phoenix is a bird of five virtues, but it doesn’t specialize in practicing fire. It can’t get close to the high-temperature airflow at the mouth of the cave at all. Even if the Suzaku demon is a god, it may not be able to resist it.
Looking at the hole with a diameter of only 100 feet. Jinyang envied thinking in his heart, if tens of thousands of people could be arranged to enter the array to practice "The True Solution of Vulcan". Entering the country will definitely be extremely fast. It is no wonder that this fire unicorn can advance to the realm of Yuxian so quickly. The appearance left by the founding God era of Swire is really extraordinary.
Jinyang patted the green wolf and motioned him to stay away from the hole and wait for himself in the distance. For the green wolf. Jinyang’s words are the imperial edict. Without hesitation, he flew to another hill, lay still on the hill, quietly stared at the hole here, and waited for Jinyang to come out, but the phoenix bird didn’t leave and continued to float in the air.
Jinyang overlooks the mouth of the cave. In addition to the continuous high-heat airflow, my mind can’t move forward at all, and I can’t notice anything. My heart is exulting. Maybe I can find a treasure today and jump without hesitation. Under the cover of Zijin Zhenyuan, the temperature is high, but it can’t hurt Jinyang. The cave winds down, and I don’t know how deep it is. The more I look forward to going down, the higher the temperature is.
The more you go down, the more you can feel the heat, and the more determined Jinyang is, no matter what method is used. Be sure to arrange some people to practice. After hard training in this environment, the entry of Vulcan True Solution must be extremely fast. Maybe it won’t take a hundred years to train a group of real masters, which will certainly be of great help to the turbulent heaven in the future.
Walking at high speed in the cave, Jinyang’s heart didn’t stop, secretly guessing what the fire unicorn was injured, and he couldn’t get out of the cave. The walls of the cave were all ablaze with fiery red SPAR, and the heat was also scary, which made Jinyang more determined. This large array was left over from the founding God era of Taikoo, and only the founding gods of any era could have such a big handwriting. The range covered by this strange array almost occupied Nan Shan.
It didn’t take long for Jinyang to feel the breath in front of him getting stronger and stronger, and the high-heat airflow also collided with each other, and from time to time it would produce gorgeous sparks, but Jinyang still didn’t feel anything. As long as those sparks hit the Zijin Zhenyuan surrounded by Jinyang, they would naturally be dissolved into the most basic energy atoms, and then absorbed by Zijin Zhenyuan, and spread to Jinyang, the incarnation, becoming a part of Zhenyuan and slowly growing up Zhenyuan.
From top to bottom, the diameter of the cave is getting bigger and bigger. At the beginning, it is only a hundred feet, but at the bottom, it has a thousand feet diameter. There is only flame between heaven and earth, and lux is everywhere. Jinyang’s body is as usual, and it is extremely small when it walks through the empty cave.
After several turns, Jinyang suddenly felt that the rotating airflow suddenly disappeared, and his figure quickly stopped. Only then did he find that there was no way to go ahead, and his body was in a huge dissolving movement. All his feet were churning with magic rock poison slurry, and the heat wave was rolling and the poison gas was churning. Even if Jinyang was in the Zijin Zhenyuan cover, he still felt that the heat wave was attacking people.
The cave is very big, and the top is oval. Although it looks simple, it is definitely artificially excavated. The walls are all lux, inlaid with countless pieces of lux spar, shining, constantly absorbing heat from the air and storing it in it. The bottom is full of magma, and the fire unicorn climbs in the magma, closing its eyes slightly, as if wanting to enjoy the heat in the magma.