In addition to the fish line, the sea fish ziyu did not appear this time. This more let xiao five smelled a plot to taste. Yuziyu is the prince of the Great Demon Kingdom. Naturally, it is not good to get in touch with Xiao Wu in front of many guests. Otherwise, Xiao Wu, who will be "copied" in the future, will probably lose its value. At the same time, Xiao Wu also vaguely knew that Yuziyu and Bai Zhantang were only secretly in the mentoring relationship, but they kept it quiet.

After a few commonplaces, Bai Zhantang pulled Xiao Wu aside and whispered, "How is the condition of Wuer Tianer?"
Xiao Wu showed a embarrassed look. "My father-in-law’s condition has improved and it is not good."
Bai Zhantang wonders, "What is this?"
Xiao Wu said, "After my unique medical skills and alchemy treatment. Tiandi’s condition has improved, but it is not obvious that there is only one way to completely eradicate his disease, and that is to restore his memory first. "
Bai Zhantang some confused "to restore his memory? How to recover? "
"That’s why I returned to Songyunzhuang," Xiao Wudao said. "Only when I returned to Songyunzhuang, under my careful arrangement and guidance, could Tiandi recover his memory completely. This is also one of my unique medical skills called physical and mental combination therapy. "
Bai Zhantang said, "Five, I don’t understand your unique medical skills, but just ask me if you need anything. I support you with the manpower and material resources of Quansong Yunzhuang! "
Xiao Wu glanced at Bai Zhantang and said faintly, "It’s very important that I take Tiandi to the dry well in the backyard where he is sick."
Bai Zhantang suddenly looked straight at Xiao Wu "Wuer, how did you know there was a dry well in the backyard? How do you know that Tianer’s disease is in a dry well? "
"In the back mountain peak for the needs of treatment. I asked Zhijun something. She told me that Tiandi was in a dry well in the backyard when he was sick, but she didn’t know exactly why he was sick. " Xiao Wu directly pushed the responsibility of leaking secrets to Bai Zhantang’s daughter, and it was also very vague that he only knew that there was a dry well. Bai Zhantang would never operate on his daughter, would he?
"Five children" thought for a moment before Bai Zhantang said, "The dry well in the backyard is forbidden to me in Songyuan Village, and even I can’t enter it casually. You know what? I’ll discuss it with several elders in the family and get back to you. You help Tianer to restore his memory in other places first. What do you think? "
Xiao five smiled "line. Father-in-law. "
Bai Zhantang also smiled. "Let’s go. I want to introduce you to my relatives and friends in the White House."
The two men moved forward hand in hand, and all the guests commented kindly, but Xiao Wu wanted to stab Bai Zhantang in the back.
Bai Zhantang then gave a big banquet and solemnly announced the betrothal of Xiao Wutong Bai Zhijun. It’s natural that the wedding day should be decided by the man Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu thought it over and over again and didn’t find a reason to postpone it indefinitely, but when he hesitated, Bai Zhantang announced it for him.
"Destiny has given me a double happiness in the White House, and my condition has improved. I know that the wedding date of a good husband and wife should be sooner rather than later, while many relatives and friends are announcing that" Bai Zhantang’s voice is still not excited "in three days!"
Suddenly, there was a good sound of drinking, and then the sound of congratulations came like a wave. Bai Zhijun blushed for a pink and tender face, but Xiao Wu just stood in the hall like a scarecrow for a long time and could not speak. Who is in such a hurry to be a grandfather? ——
Three days is not long at all, but short is really short. What can Xiao Wu do in three days?
Looking for the five things that God-level Baoding was taken away?
Looking for a mysterious copy?
Solve the mystery of god-class Baoding, Taixu copy, including the immortality of the day, and then kill the day with a knife?
Then run away in front of hundreds of fix true, goblin masters including hundreds of disciples in Songyunzhuang and Bai Zhantang at the post-fairy level?
No matter which one of these things needs precise deployment and time to do, but Bai Zhantang only gave Xiao five or three days, and he didn’t have time to do anything at all, but if he didn’t do anything, he would only wait for the fate of being copied. Although I don’t know exactly how the too-empty copy is put to good use or what power it is, it is definitely an inevitable outcome under the careful arrangement of Bai Zhantang and Yuziyu!
"Damn it!" In a room in the outer court where women soldiers lives. Xiao Wu spat, "Have you ever seen someone like Bai Zhantang who wants to be a grandfather?"
Four tree monsters, such as Golden Shield Twelve, Fire Phoenix, Fire Fierce, Pangdu and Taosan, were all lost in thought. Outside the room:.: The rest of women soldiers also spread out and moved around the yard. They completely controlled the area.
"It’s still my fault that I’m too anxious to see how Bai Zhantang reacts," Xiao Wu added. "Tell him as soon as I come back that I know the dry well in the backyard. This old guy must be afraid that I will know more and advance his plan."
"Master Bai Zhantang’s plan is undoubtedly to copy a person who is completely obedient to him. It is very likely that it will be three days later. Your wedding night with Bai Zhijun. "
"My day! Was it when I fucked his daughter? Isn’t he afraid that Bai Zhijun will hate him all his life? "
Pang Du said in a gloomy voice, "Those who do great things are often ruthless and disown the general. You are worth more than a white gentleman. I would do the same if I were you."
The killer is the killer. The blood flowing in Pondu’s veins is cold.
Xiao Wu added, "Golden Shield Twelve, you have recorded all the mantras of the divine Baoding. What is there now?"
"I’m about to leave to my master." Twelve Golden Shield pulled out a big blank sheet of paper from its storage ring. "This is all the mantras I recorded. I drew the magic tripod on this piece of paper, and I found a strange phenomenon. "
Xiao Wuqi asked, "What strange phenomenon?"
"Look." Twelve fingers of the Golden Shield reached out and pointed to a red line specially painted on the wall of the God-class treasure.
Xiao Wu leaned in and read it carefully: "This line seems to connect all the mantras together. But I didn’t see these four red lines in the magic tripod at that time. What do you mean by drawing these four red lines? "
"I didn’t draw these four red lines on purpose, but they exist in themselves. They are called Four Pillars of Heaven, which is my summary of translating and summarizing all the mantras of land magic, black magic, power magic and blood magic, and their interaction, that is to say. After all the mantras on the tripod wall are urged, these four red lines meet at the bottom of the tripod, which is the fifth concave hole. "
"Speak more clearly." For array method, magic and so on, Xiao Wu is a rookie forever.
The Golden Shield said, "It’s very simple. The energy generated by all spells will be gathered in the bottom concave hole along these four red lines. Then there will be great power to change the world!"
Fire Phoenix also mused: "Blood witchcraft is different from witchcraft made by our witchcraft. It is the innate special ability of the blood clan. What they want most is evil power. But we are the messengers of the god of nature. Our witchcraft comes from nature. Is the power of purity. If it’s true that there is a considerable amount of blood witchcraft in this magical tripod, as Jin Dage said. What is refined from this tripod must be evil. "
Xiao Wuyi pointed to the other four concave holes on the tripod wall and said, "What are the functions of these four concave holes?"
"As we guessed in Baoding, we need to find five necessary objects to fill in together with the concave hole at the bottom of Baoding." Shield 12 put the big white paper in the fire phoenix’s hand, and suddenly there was a faint flame from the fire phoenix’s hand, and the big white paper was burned to ashes.
"Brother Jin, what are you doing?" asked the fire phoenix. Didn’t you work hard to draw this? "
"It’s a curse to keep it," said the Golden Shield. "The next thing to do is to find those five necessary objects. Master, do you have any plans?"
Xiao Wu shook his head with a wry smile. "My head is all mushy these days. Where can I come up with any good ideas?"
Fire phoenix is a mysterious smile "Xiao eldest brother you this period of time is not the peach blossom? Bai Zhijun, a beautiful woman, has become your fiancee. I don’t think that Hua Die’s relationship with her is extraordinary. You can start with these two women. "
The relationship between Xiao Wu and Hua Die’s son is that the relationship between the adulterer and the adulterer is very secret, and even the shield twelve doesn’t know Xiao Wu. It’s strange how the fire phoenix knows. Oh, by the way, Xiao Wu suddenly remembered the magical witchcraft of the fire phoenix. She could see what she wanted to see from the crystal ball.
"That, Fire Phoenix …" Xiao Wu asked hesitantly, "Did you see everything about Hua Die and me? From your crystal ball? "
"Bah!" Fire phoenix does not blush. Her face suddenly burst into flames, and between shame and embarrassment, she spat, "I didn’t have the leisure to look at your shameless things. It was just that Hua Die insisted on going up the mountain at that time, and I was afraid that she would have any ulterior motives. I used her smell to cast a crystal ball witchcraft track and kept an eye on her until … Well, I gave up."
I must have peeked at the affirmation from beginning to end in Xiao Wu’s heart without rhyme or reason.
Here Xiao Wu and Fire Phoenix are talking about gobbledygook. Thinking about something, Huo Lie suddenly said, "Why don’t you ask my two wives? Aren’t Randall and Morita also in this pine cloud villa? They must know some secret things about Yuziyu. "
"Yes," said the Golden Shield. "Why did you forget the two flower fairies? There is no reason why Randall and Morita should not know that they are the personal handmaids of Yu Ziyu. "
Xiao Wu frowned. "How noble Fish Zi Yu is. He always follows a group of bodyguards around him. It’s difficult for Randall and Mulita to sneak out. How to find them? And when they came back, I didn’t see Yu Ziyu at all at the banquet. I don’t know where that guy went. Our time is only three days. How can we do that? "
Huolie thought for a moment and said with a somewhat awkward expression: "Don’t you forget that I have something on my wife?" My sister can easily find the whereabouts of my two wives with these things. "
What Huo Lie said is naturally the underwear of Randall and Morita. Xiao Wu remembers quite clearly that Randall’s underwear is white, and Rita’s underwear is black, and it’s still the kind that has never been washed. And when I want to catch fire, I hide in the corner of no man’s land when I have nothing to do
The thief took out two crumpled underwear with mysterious stains and put them between his nostrils. The smell … Shaw five head immediately dizzy.
"My fire fierce you …"
"Let’s do it," Huo Lie said. "Time is pressing. The best way is to act separately. As for how to do it, Brother Xiao, you are our boss or you can arrange it yourself."
Shaw five thought for a moment "shield twelve you and peach three they are responsible for the backyard dry well. Pay attention to any detail; Fire phoenix and fire fierce use witchcraft to explore the whereabouts of Randall and Morita and try their best to contact each other. In addition, Pang Du is close to Huo Lie. Responsible for protecting him. You know, he is the one who makes and maintains the fighting in the monster beast prairie. He can’t have any mistakes. "
Pang Du replied with a heavy voice, "Yes, General, no one can hurt Brother Huo Lie unless I die."
"What about the female soldiers in women soldiers?" asked Fire Phoenix. The situation is so urgent, what should they do? "
"I told them to leave immediately for Yan Rusong to receive 400 goblin slaves and then return directly to the monster beast prairie. The girls are not suitable for this kind of top player’s battle. We can only let go of their hands and feet when they leave here!" Kill many birds with one stone. This is Xiao Wu’s plan-
Women soldiers is going to the promised land to take away 400 goblin slaves as strictly as he let go. This is a deal that was negotiated early in the morning. It is naturally bad for Bai Zhantang to stop it because Xiao Wu is still in Songyunzhuang. This reaction was as early as Xiao Wu’s expectation. As for Xiao Wu’s going to the backyard dry well, Bai Zhantang responded the next day, saying that he would go there after he got married. Naturally, it was Xiao Wu’s expectation that he just smiled.
Acting separately, the monster beast of the Golden Shield Twelve and Four Trees is technically and physically dangerous, and the fire is fierce and the fire phoenix is also a spy’s work. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will get burned. Only Xiao Wu and Xiao Wu are the most relaxed and distant, because all he has to do is pick up girls.
What was soaked was that Bai Zhijun was invited by Xiao Wudi to spread a heart of Bai Zhijun on the courtyard path, and he couldn’t help but imagine.
The afternoon sunshine is not very bright, but it is brilliant in Bai Zhijun’s eyes. The golden sunshine sprinkled on her body and her skin seemed to be covered with a layer of golden honey, which made her feel sweet and tender and attractive to taste.
Bai Zhijun specially put on her favorite white gauze skirt with Phnom Penh. This gauze skirt has a layer of soft pink body-shaping fabric on the chest and legs, which not only covers the important parts but also highlights a hazy beauty. Especially her belly is smooth as jade, and there is a small and lovely navel on it. It seems to be saying witty words and it seems to be naked seduction.