She hurried in and saw Zhang Chuer looking at her with a sad expression on her face.

"Sister Chu Er, what’s wrong with you?" Chloe asked with a heart.
See Zhang Chuer shook his head and said, "I’m fine. I’m a little homesick."
"We can go back to China soon, and then we can talk about Korean dramas and eat delicious food together." Chloe’s simple face is full of heart expressions.
Zhang Chuer spoon kept stirring porridge and didn’t answer Chloe’s words because she had already made up her mind.
Chloe felt that she was not as strange as the former Chu Er, but she was too frightened to say much.
Soon Zhang Chuer went back to Longyou Room with Chloe beside him with porridge.
Chapter 177 owing on the loan
Going back to the house and looking at the sky coldly, Chloe asked, "What’s wrong with you, husband? You look so serious."
When I heard that Longyou’ Lou’ gave a smile, "Nothing, I smell the aroma."
Chu Er smiled faintly and brought the porridge to him. "Brother Longyou, you have something to drink."
Chloe saw this mouth pouting towards Chu Er and said, "Sister Chu Er is so eccentric that she doesn’t even say let me drink porridge."
Zhang Chuer know Chloe this is to comfort yourself and let your heart up.
See her smile "touch" and "touch" Chloe’s soft hair. "This porridge is very light. Your share will be cooked separately later."
At a Kerr white face’ dew’ with a naughty smile.
Longyou saw Zhang Chuer smiling again, and a big stone fell to the ground.
"Chu Er Kerr, you are all my most important people." He said with a gentle look at the two’ female’ people.
See Chloe smiled and bowed his head. "Husband, you and sister Chu Er are also my most important people."
When Zhang Chuer heard this sentence, his face was covered with sadness, but he still smiled and said, "Brother Longyou, you are as important to me as Chloe."
"There are some things that please forgive Chu Er’s sex," Zhang Chuer said silently from the bottom of his heart.
When three people were chatting, the godfather of the Klan came in. Chloe saw this and put away her playful and lovely smile and turned into that cold look again.
The godfather felt sad when he saw this. "Mr. Longyou, thank you for saving Chloe."
Longyou nodded without speaking.
Zhang Chuer saw this corner of his mouth and smiled. "Chloe is our family. You don’t have to be like this."
"Mr. Longyou Kerr is my’ female’ after all, and I hope she can stay in the United States." The godfather directly said that his tone of purpose was unconscious and dignified
Longyou heard his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Godfather, you shouldn’t say these words to me, but ask Kerr’s wishes."
Chloe sneer at a "I won’t stay in America, I want to go back to China"
The godfather listened to this sentence and his eyes were cold and deepened. "Chloe doesn’t want sex, you blame you for escaping."
"responsibility? You said that the godfather’ female’ Chloe is dead, and now she is just a simple’ female’ child. Do you think that Chloe may be a mafia princess now? " Chloe look with a disdain to detect hatred.
Suddenly, two people caught Chloe and saw her break free quickly, knocking them down.
Longyou saw a cold chill in this eye but did not export it.
Zhang Chuer felt the cold breath from his body and patted him on the shoulder.
When the godfather saw that Chloe was so resistant, his sadness intensified on the surface, but he still looked irresistible. "Miranda Kerr, this is your destiny and you can escape."
"No, I’ve escaped Miranda. Chloe is dead. Whether it’s Chloe or a’ female’ person," Chloe’s eyes were full of sadness and she refused to look at the godfather and then fainted.
Longyou saw this scene and jumped into the bed regardless of her physical strength. She was hugged and torn all over, and the pain came. Beads of sweat fell from her forehead.
"Longyou brother give me Chloe’s sister" "Zhang Chuer held out his hand and said to him.
See he shook his head step by step is very heavy to Chloe gentle’ bed’.
"Godfather, I don’t care what Kerr’s original identity is. She is now my’ female’ person. If anyone tries to touch my’ female’ person, whoever dies," Longyou said firmly in a cold tone.
Godfather’s eyes are full of surprise. Zhang Chuer’s heart is filled with acid and gas. Put out his hand and let go.
"Mr. Longyou, you should know that I am old. In the future, the Klan must be Chloe to replace you. You can’t take her away." The godfather has been in a high position for many years with irresistible majesty.
Longyou’s eyes have no fear. "You are Chloe’s father. If you are sad, Chloe will be sad."
The godfather understood what he meant. He was not angry, not because of Kerr, but because of too much.
Chloe woke up, and the cold expression has disappeared and replaced by a pair of’ fans’ and playful Chloe.
"Chloe, are you okay?" Zhang Chuer asked before the heart.
See Chloe directly lay down in her arms and cried sadly, "Sister Chu Er, she’s gone and she’ll never appear again."
Zhang Chuer knows who she is in Kerr’s mouth and can comfort’ touch’ her hair.
Chloe cried enough and looked at the godfather in front of her with a hint of incomprehension. "Why did you’ force’ her to go? Do you love her so much? "
Godfather’s heart was suddenly hit by something, and it seemed that he was a little old and lonely and walked out of the room.
Longyou also had some exhaustion and was helped back to the’ bed’ by Zhang Chuer.
"Husband, I’m sorry I let you fuck again." Chloe said with her head down.
He gently’ touched” touched’ her cheek and said, "Chloe, you are tired, go back and rest."
Say toward Zhang Chuer made an eye’ color’.
"Chloe, let’s go and let Longyou brother have a good rest," Zhang Chuer said gently.
Chloe nodded and then they walked out of the room.
After the two left, Longyou shouted to the email in his body, "Email, email, are you okay?"
Listen to a powerful but still fascinated voice, "I’m fine, young master. How are you?"
"I feel that there is something wrong with my body. The doctor said that I have lost my strength, but my hands don’t seem to have any strength." Longyou suddenly found that there was no strength in his hands when he held Chloe just now, and even picked up petite Chloe.
Email was silent for a long time and sighed, "Young Master, your body should bear my strength."
This is caused by the fact that the physical quality can’t keep up with the powerful power of God, just like a child can’t swing a huge hammer with great power.
"Is it temporary? Or forever? " He didn’t complain about email because he knew that if it wasn’t for email at that moment, his situation might be even worse.
After thinking for a long time, Mei Er still said, "The magic hand is now in a state of borrowing, young master. If you don’t pay it off as soon as possible, I’m afraid it’s possible for you to get white hair overnight."