"Aren’t you a horse getting married?" Wang Shuzi said, "The day after tomorrow."

"Ah, what? Lord Mu has ordered the ghost servants to do things!"
"my god!" I was dizzy for a while, and Mu Qianqian actually did what he said!
"Mr. Wang, you have to save me. I can’t get married so early!" I was in a rash. "I, I, Yang, have a wife and children. How can I marry Mu Qianqian so quickly? Even if I promised her before, I have to give it to me. "
Wang Shuzi saw that I was serious and mused, "It’s really too urgent to talk like this. Shall I talk to Lord Mu again?"
"You hurry to persuade him!" I said, "Now you are a guest and I am a prisoner!"
"It’s not that serious!" Wang Shuzi smiled and said, "Well, I’ll go and beg for mercy."
Wang Shuzi never came back to see me when he went there.
I waited and waited and was finally invited back to Muqian’s boudoir.
Mu Qianqian didn’t come to see me either.
Or Blue Pearl brought me a bowl of soup at noon.
Lanzhu said, "Miss, I know that you don’t want to eat tea, and I don’t want to give you so much to eat. Please drink this soup."
"What about your young lady?"
"She doesn’t want to see you now," Lanzhu said, "and she’s embarrassed to see you. After all, you are going to get married."
"Okay, I know," I said distractedly. "You go out first."
"I’m waiting to collect the bowl," Lanzhu said.
"You go out!" Wo boulevard
"Well," Lanzhu saw that I was really in a bad mood, so she turned around and left. "Be sure to drink the soup. That’s what Miss personally cooks."
"I know!"
After Lanzhu left, I watched the soup stupefied for a while, and I could do anything. I picked up the bowl and slowly sent it to my mouth.
Just then, the bang was very light, but I could hear clearly who passed by the roof!
As soon as I looked back, something fell. It was a rolled paper!
I looked suspicious, and there was no gap.
I picked up the paper and saw that there were five words written in it. The soup was Meng Po soup!
Chapter 31 Take Meng Po Tang Nv
Holding the note, I looked at the bowl of soup and was speechless.
Meng Po Tang Mu Qian actually tried to trick me into drinking this Meng Po Tang!
Although I have never been to Yin, I have also heard the name of Meng Po Tang!
Almost everyone knows that Yang leaves people and becomes a ghost after the death of the world. If you drink Meng Po’s soup, you will forget all the love and hate in your previous life and never care about your previous life again!
Is it because I repeatedly called the name of willow when I was asleep at night that I felt dissatisfied with Mu Qianqian and wanted me to drink Meng Po Tang to forget everything about Yang Shi and remember this yin thing?
If I really forget everything, it’s okay to start over here, but what makes me shudder when I think about it?
I still feel that Mu Qian’s practice can be thick, and she must be able to resist it.
Blame me.
Before I met Yangliu, I liked Mu Qianqian and made a promise to marry her. This is not wrong, but it is wrong. I forgot about it!
After I forgot this thing, I met the willow by mistake and the willow came to this point today, but as a result, when I loved the willow wholeheartedly, Mu Qianqian appeared again and I remembered the former!
What should I do?
Willow and Mu Qianqian should both be koos. What about me?
Perhaps the most painful is me.
What made me forget all this and what made me think of it?
What makes me love Mu Qianqian and what makes me love Yangliu?
I couldn’t help thinking of the dream that saved Mu Qian. In the dream, there was an evil way, and the evil words suddenly reappeared in my mind! Those scenes are also reappearing in front of you!
"Very …"
The Taoist priest looked at me with a ferocious face and said, "You almost killed me!"
That is, at that time, a figure flashed, but now it was a graceful woman in plain clothes with white gauze. She leaned over the Taoist priest and exclaimed, "Master!"
"Go!" The Taoist priest drank, "Let the master of the Fifth Hall come to see me!"
Is it me?
How can I be extremely?
Leader? That evil way is a leader! Master of the entrance of the Fifth Hall …
In a flash, I suddenly realized that the evil way is the chief leader of the five elements!
My face couldn’t help changing.
On the night of July 15th, three years ago in Yangshi, I dreamed that the man who was injured by the mirror of Yin and Yang was the chief leader of the Five Elements!
And it seems that it is from the eloquence of the five different elements and five halls that the five elements of ghosts are collected!
Is there any connection between the two?
Is the chief leader of the Five Elements who was injured by my mirror of Yin and Yang asking the five elements of ghosts to heal?
This doesn’t seem to make any sense
After that, I met Yangliu again, and our relationship was caused by the gloomy wooden coffin.
At night, I couldn’t help but have a dream. I went out alone because of my dream, and then I uncovered the platinum cover of the gloomy wooden coffin and released the curse of Ghost Wood Lang!
What is Mu Qianqian or Liu Yang’s dream of meeting a woman?
Willow finally loves me, but is it cursed by Ghost Mulang?
If so, wouldn’t the curse of Ghost Wood Lang be effective? And I’m not going to kill Yangliu one day?
Thought of here, I am a cold shiver again.
Never let this happen!
Isn’t my death this time a relief from heaven so that I won’t have a chance to hurt Yangliu and kill her more?
If so, wouldn’t it be a good thing for Yangliu to drink Meng Po Tang?
After drinking Meng Po Tang, I will forget Yangliu and all the karma with her. I won’t think about looking for her anymore, and she can’t find me. Since we meet again, how can we hurt each other?