Chapter DiYiSiJiu human level nine master

"If I lose, I will give in easily, but I can’t leave others with you, so I’ll have to be bound by this. I’ll see if your police are as good as you." Hailong raised his hand and handcuffed it and looked at Lin Dong.
Lin Dong has long thought of this situation, especially since he came in. He has been inseparable from Hailong. Gu Siyu Lin Dong knows better that they will definitely do something. Even at this time, when facing Hailong Lin Dong, his mental state is on alert. When people like them become famous, they may know a so-called promise and integrity, but it is normal to be desperate and make any action at any time.
"Command Center, I’m Lin Dong. Now the other party is deliberately creating chaos so that everyone can be careful to deal with it. If people don’t squat down 20 paces away, they will immediately knock down rubber bullets and be ready for snipers to prevent the other party from attacking. Some key personnel of the other party are likely to escape from the key protection outer layer and set up a warning zone to block all entrances and exits and keep in touch with the Secret Service at any time." Although Lin Dong doesn’t have a walkie-talkie, he can still contact the command center at any time, so he needs to get the order out through the command center.
With that, Lin Dong looked up at Hailong. "You’ve been smugly operating for more than ten years, and all the four seas regiments have gone to this little trick now. Do you think there will be one? Come on, people outside are waiting to see you go out. "
Hailong stepped toward the outside, but his eyes were fixed on Lin Dong, and they soon walked to the ladder.
"The president is not good, they say … ah …" The president’s office owner panicked and ran towards this side. When he saw the handcuffed Hailong and Lin Dong at the entrance of the ladder, people leaned against the side wall and covered their mouths. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at all this.
Hailonggen didn’t pay attention to her ladder door. Hailong stepped directly into it and looked at the ladder to the side. The number kept changing. Hailong’s eyes were still looking at Lindong.
"It seems that the contradiction between you and the Secret Service should also be deliberately released. You have endured it for a long time in Anyang police station for this moment." That’s how people know that Lin Dong is Dong Qilin. When they hear that Lin Dong just casually cooperated with the Secret Service, Hailong’s imagination suddenly became rich.
What does a man like Lin Dong do when he is a small policeman? At the moment, it seems to him that all this is to deal with himself.
"You have too much respect for yourself" Lin Dong glanced at Hailong and stopped paying attention to him.
No matter how strong Hailong is, he is just like ordinary people in this respect. Before the incident happened, his imagination was not enough, and after it happened, he was suspicious and thought too much.
Hailong’s eyelids can’t help beating a few times, and his strength fluctuates slightly, so let him control it. He rarely does things that he is not sure about. In those days, there was no way to kill the sea. Although the four seas collapsed at the moment, he was still very cautious about starting this kind of thing.
Although it is impossible for Lin Dong to be too strong from a rational point of view, I still can’t feel Lin Dong’s strength at such a close distance at the moment, and I think that when Lin Dong pretends to be Dong Qilin, I have secretly tried and never tried anything, which makes me even more confused.
"The other helicopter didn’t listen to the interception when it took off." At this time, Lin Dong heard the message from the command center again.
This time, Lin Dong didn’t go out. At this time, the ladder door had already hit Lin Dong and he was walking away with Hailong. At this time, there were still many people running away from the ladder. When they saw Hailong one by one, they were all shocked. From a distance, there were already many policemen with guns. Some people were obviously hit by rubber bullets, and some people were squatting there, raising their hands, and some of them were lying on the ground directly.
Now the overall situation is under control, but the two planes are really helpless. Lin Dong knows very well in his heart that it is already a miracle that he can successfully bring the Hailong out. He really has no energy to care so much. After all, it is impossible for the urban area to directly bomb the other helicopter to send a plane to follow the other party. If there are so many angry people, it is likely to cause large-scale casualties if they attack at will. This situation is something that all parties do not want to see.
"It’s really over, chairman and president …"
"Chairman, President …"
Looking at Hailong when he was taken out by Lin Dong, many people who were squatting there and lying there could not help but exclaim that a gun was suddenly fired just now, and then they suddenly informed that someone had planted explosives in the building, which led to panic. How could these people not be shocked to see Hailong coming out in handcuffs?
"If you don’t chase people, you will all run away." Walking out the door, Hailong ignored the people around him and looked up at several helicopters that were flying far away.
Lin Dong said, "I’ll just catch you when the tree falls apart."
"Catch me?" Hailong looked around at the police with guns and looked at his handcuffs. "That’s why you want to catch me."
When talking, the hand of Hailong suddenly moved. At this moment, his hand suddenly changed from big to small, and he broke away from the handcuffs directly. He reached his hand as if it had been buckled to Lindong’s throat.
Lin Dong is also ready for the foot-instantaneous abortion to stimulate the feet to produce amazing explosive force, and the whole person is like being shot out and playing.
Swish a burst of hot pain all over me. Although I was ready to hide, there were still five fingerprints on Lin Dong’s throat. This dragon is too fast and his five fingers seem to extend a force. If Lin Dong didn’t hide fast, this Lin Dong neck would be cut into several parts.
"How did this happen …" Although Lin Dong was injured with a casual blow, Hailong did not continue to attack, but looked at his trembling hands. At this time, the color of his hands was changing.
"Man’s extreme limit is fierce." Although Lin Dong touched the burning wound, he can immediately control the bleeding, but it still hurts at the moment. Recently, he has played against Wang Yongchen Ding Hu, and the two of them broke out in strength, but there is a big gap with Hailong. This made Lin Dong almost hit hard. If he was not prepared, he would be seriously injured.
"This medicine permeates through the skin when it doesn’t work, and if it doesn’t notice the working force, it will produce toxic and rapid spread, which is very destructive to the muscles." Lin Dong looked at the acupuncture point that was sealing his arm, and Hailong advised, "Without this medicine, it goes through the skin to the muscles and bones, and you can’t seal the acupuncture point."