But the flash in the sky also lights up at the same time

And the virtual civilian warhead hit the target first
In the intense fire, several pieces of debris were splashed with smoke, and in the roar, the huge warship kept shaking, which seemed to have the possibility of falling at any time.
But at the same time, the strong flash also fell into the virtual people’s army
Once again, the huge metal chariot collapsed in this violent high temperature, and the imaginary soldiers screamed and ran around to hide …
The day after the roar ended, the warship’s body was covered with several cracks, and large pieces of shell fell off one by one, and it staggered and floated as if it were going to crash at any moment.
And the original huge chariot troops on the ground are no longer. Together with the ground mecha and infantry, they have become charred debris.
Many of the heavenly armies were rubbed by sputtering and flashing lights and destroyed the whole diffuse scorched smoke battlefield. Some infantry came alive, and their helmets sent the scene to the distance.
This time, the black metal didn’t block the signal, so both the commander in the distance and the general in the distance can see the present scene.
Silence is the only atmosphere here.
However, the only silence is to be in charge of commanding the captain.
"Don’t give up …" The captain in charge of the command shouted at the sight "Don’t give up! We have won! All Chinese troops! Continue to attack and destroy the enemy … What? "
Captain surprised shout suddenly sounded to see the original crumbling almost completely damaged warships suddenly surrounded by strong light.
This is … This phenomenon makes Lin feel quite surprised.
After the light faded, the warship appeared again, but all the scars on its body disappeared and the former shaking sample became more stable again.
"This ….. how is it possible? Has it recovered? " No matter in the command room or on the battlefield, all the virtual people stared at this scene in surprise. The pilot forgot to launch the missile …
"After … continue to attack!" The first reaction was the captain, who shouted for the pilot to attack again.
But this time the opponent launched the attack first.
At this moment, the whole sky was instantly shrouded in strong light, and several flashes fell like meteors and bombarded everything around.
No matter the flying troops or the periphery of the blockade wall or the living virtual infantry, they are all submerged by this light.
This group of black metal is really not simple … The fluffy ball flies at high speed while watching the shining light behind it. After the shining light dissipates, all the troops of the imaginary people have disappeared. They don’t even have a chance to scream.
They were just like the former chariots, glowing with charred fragments, but this time no soldier was able to live.
There are two more squares in the sky, which are smaller than before and about 100 meters in size, but the attack power seems to be exactly the same.
This attack mainly comes from these two squares, and their power can be said to be above the virtual people, but it is not completely destroyed by them.
Just now, when the flash fell, Lin found that some places in the camp outside the blockade wall were not hit by the flash, but were destroyed by some explosions.
That’s the effect of Xu Min’s own explosive explosion. Although it may be that the flash grazed the bomb and caused the explosion, it may also be other reasons.
However, what Lin meant most was that the square-pierced warship was almost destroyed after being attacked by the virtual people. What can it recover quickly?
Is it to send the damage back and make a new one? Or … Send materials to repair? Or an illusion or something …
If you want to understand, you must study it … but there is no chance yet.
….. at the same time, on the other side.
"What’s the matter! What the hell happened! " Because the imaging devices have also been destroyed, all the display images around the general’s command room have become dark. The general slammed the table and roared, "Are they blocking the signal? Or … "
"General …" A nearby operator said, "The signal was not blocked … it was … destroyed."
"…" The whole operations once again fell silent.
Beep!’ Suddenly a display image lit up.
"There is news!" Field virtual people immediately looked there to see what was shown in the image in the ruins.
Inside, you can see the scene of the blockade area. The original high-rise wall and the standby troops have disappeared, and there is a wreckage.
"How is it possible …" The general looked at the image in disbelief. "Are they all destroyed?"
"That’s right …" And a voice in the image responded to it. Before seeing a virtual person wearing a black headscarf …
"You are … the captain!" The general said in surprise, "How did you …"
"Our time has come," the captain said with a smile in the picture. "Soon you and all the imaginary people must pay tribute to the great black metal, but you unbelievers will welcome the end anyway and pray to God! If you have a myth … Ha ha ha … "
After saying this, the image disappeared.
"There are also black metal groups in the army!" A virtual citizen angrily said, "What happened!"
"They haven’t penetrated everywhere, have they?" "Maybe the troops were destroyed because they were secretly funny!" "General, we must catch these people!" "But how to catch? They’re too deep! Just like the captain didn’t see it was abnormal! " "There must be something to do first, and the enemy warships have come in. The nearby cities are very dangerous, general. We must make a decision at once!"
At this time, all the imaginary people looked at the general, who remained silent and said nothing.
It was not until dozens of seconds later that the general said, "We … are facing an unprecedented crisis."
"But I believe we can get through this difficulty."
The general calmly said to the virtual people, "Commander Harpy first dispatched reconnaissance troops to investigate the local situation and master the enemy’s dynamics. I don’t think they will attack immediately."
"And I," the general said, getting up and heading for the exit, "must go to the cue ball joint for help."
Chapter sixty-six Send it to your mind
The war … seems to have stopped for a while.
But this silence is more terrible than war for all the imaginary people.
There are huge square warships floating in the original urban area of An, and the remains of the virtual civilian troops are still sleeping there, but no virtual civilian dares to approach that place. There are reconnaissance remote control machines and soldiers dozens of kilometers away, watching the dynamics inside …
As the general said, black metal didn’t attack the nearby cities immediately. They seemed to be planning to occupy this place first. A kind of black metal that looks like a vine is slowly increasing on the ground.
A large number of cones move back and forth. This time, they don’t call it a day, but stick a lot of debris to those buildings like building something. Some buildings have become completely black because of this, and there are many strange bumps. I can’t see what they were …
At the beginning of the attack, although the flash destroyed the whole virtual civilian army, some buildings were hardly affected by the waves, so the cone planned to transform these buildings.
What kind of invasion are they going to show?