Because it still helps this group to come up with various ideas to lead them out of danger, it is finally given a new name by this group, that is,’ wise man’

It’s very simple. This group of creatures still believe in it, think it has great wisdom, and still think it can lead the group to find a way of life.
Even if you don’t worship Peryan, this creature, which is composed of some brains of Peryan, is still regarded as the core of the whole group.
After gathering all the individual thinking cores, this group was led by the name of "wise man" to leave the Boyan wilderness for a new life.
Then this group died.
This is actually a normal thing, because these creatures have lived and multiplied in the rock for a long time, and they live like … parasites.
Too much dependence on the host leads them to live away from the Peryan Root Method. Even if there are’ wise men’ in thinking, it is meaningless.
The’ wise man’ advised them to escape, mainly these creatures. That’s what most people think. They all want to escape … Just tell them to escape.
But although this individual biological group perished, the’ wise man’ came alive, and it was not so easy to die.
Keyuper rock
Peryan is a special structural organism, whose body composition is different from that of many local organisms, which makes few organisms eat the excess part of the brain of the’ wise man’ Peryan and change it into creatures, and it is rarely threatened.
Moreover, it is very efficient in nutrient utilization. Although it is brain, it also has the ability to absorb and digest nutrients. Nutrients in this area can be found in many places even if they leave Perper Rock.
So the wise man lived and wandered in its vast wilderness … As time went on, he found that he had encountered some problems.
Its’ will’ is disappearing.
It seems that it is because I haven’t been in contact with living things for a long time and collected thinking materials. If I don’t do this, the wise man’s thinking … will continue to hold the will.
It didn’t try to find a way, but kept wandering until … the will disappeared completely.
The will disappears, the wise man falls into the wilderness, and the original jelly-like body also … collapses and becomes liquid again.
Finally, the wise man changed back to the state of brain fluid lake, which gathered in a small pit without thinking or thinking, and everything was forgotten.
But it still has life.
It is not dead, and there is no creature to drink this lake, because it is not real water, but a liquid substance like water.
Moreover, the shelf life is quite long, and the wise man is an inedible substance for most creatures. Finally, a few kinds of tiny creatures can decompose it.
And before it was broken down, it met a new … opportunity.
Although it is inedible, its bright amber will attract some species, and many creatures will pay special attention to this lake with strange colors when passing by this place.
There are other creatures who simply pass by and don’t deliberately approach it, but for whatever reason they want to come into contact with this lake, they may be … detected.
Liquid wise men still retain their original ability-to detect biological thinking and then collect thinking data.
When more and more creatures come into contact with it, it receives more and more thoughts. Finally, it changes from liquid state to jelly state again and wakes up again.
This time, the awakened wise man didn’t wander around like before, but kept absorbing nutrients and growing in situ.
Its nutrients come from … the underground absorbs a lot, and the wise man grows bigger and bigger. Why would it do that? Perhaps it is because most of the thinking data it received this time came from a group of creatures with low intelligence.
These creatures eat and reproduce, and so do the wise.
At the same time, it also encountered many things.
In the process of continuous growth, it has contacted more creatures and obtained more thinking data.
Although all creatures are different kinds and groups, the wise man still integrates their thinking, and according to these thinking data, he gives back information to these creatures.
Just like before, the wise man will give all kinds of opinions to those creatures who come into contact with it … The opinions have integrated a lot of data, which can make these creatures live better. Even the intelligent creatures with low intelligence can send them information to make them live better.
But it will also lead to some … problems.
If there are two hostile creatures, the wise man will keep giving advice to both sides to keep them fighting.
For example, there are more and more creatures around the wise, and these creatures also give it more data, so it grows while collecting thinking data.
Slowly, it has grown to a considerable size, but because nutrients come from the wise, most of them are underground, and a small part is exposed.
The wise man always gathers a lot of creatures around the exposed part, and some creatures with higher intelligence also come.
In theory, almost all those creatures come for the advice of the wise man, but creatures with higher intelligence will find that … the wise man will give advice to all creatures, so they will drive away or directly get rid of other creatures to monopolize the wise man.
The war around the wise man just started, and many creatures occupied it and fought with each other.
In the end, a group of creatures won the battle. After monopolizing the wise men, they developed rapidly. First, they developed from small groups to large groups of wise men, constantly advising them to become stronger and stronger.
But they also rely more and more on the wise men to give them advice, and finally become the wise men to command their whole group.
It’s like a group of creatures with a unified … will.
This is … the initial stage of’ Cannao Wen’
Chapter one thousand four hundred and twelve Interrupt
There is such a city in the story.
This city is very close to the’ heaven’ imagined by some creatures.
It was originally built as a wilderness plain, its general structure was made of metal, and it contained many creatures in a huge amount.
These creatures … all live a life of anxiety.