The memory becomes blurred here … but it’s a little intermittent.
Pain controls combat reaction … Killing, killing, killing … Victory … Sneaking … Rebirth, division, growth, fighting … Curse … Death …
Curse? What is this thing? When I saw this memory, the word appeared for the first time in Lin’s mind. It felt strange. Why did this word appear?
Then the memory seems to have reached the end, rather than this area of the brain has not been recorded, but Lin can know what happened to them …
The fungal brain controls the brain of Yate population, but the other brain may be too powerful, which may affect the plague fungal brain and make it feel pain, which may be as effective as being affected by the brain waves of the head worm. The brain of Yate population may send a lot of signals through this, which may cause the plague fungal brain to bear the memory part, and it should be damaged at this time.
However, the plague fungus finally endured the pain and successfully killed the brains of the Yate population, and then completely slaughtered all the troops and arms of the Yate population. When Lin saw that large amount of debris, it should be the traces left by the massacre …
So far, the plague fungus can be said to be a victory.
However, the brain of Yate population is not completely dead. It seems that somehow the brain of plague fungi has been’ reborn’
It should be that the Yate group’s sneak attack troops also successfully attacked the plague fungus brain. They were reborn in this way. Lin felt that the Yate group’s sneak attack troops carried eggs or could produce something in the brain. This unit successfully released the eggs and the plague fungus brain immediately grew into a new brain … and then the growing brain, the plague fungus brain, competed for control.
The two brains fought against each other, and Lin thought that they were attacking each other by epidemic cells, and even developed into small-scale forces to attack each other.
In the process of fighting each other, the troops of both sides also killed wildly.
During the war, the plague fungus was obviously in a weak position. Most of its brain was shut down, and it was slowly swallowed up by the other side …
What art population brain to it up to …’ curse’?
Lin found that the last memory of the plague fungi showed that the living ability of all plague fungi in the sea was affected by this curse. It seems that they lost their filtering ability in the sea and died in the sea
At that time, the plague fungus brain may have been located in the underwater cave without water and was not particularly affected.
And the Yate population troops died almost in the war, and without brain command, they may slowly go extinct.
….. This is the so-called mutually assured destruction?
But the wonderful thing is that after losing the brain, the plague fungi can still grow and live on the island …
The huge amount of fungal monsters and plagues in the five islands of plague are also the original brains to deal with the Yate population, although the war ended before it was played.
After the end of the war, the two brains have been fighting in the caves under the sea. The Yate population can be said to have been extinct by the plague fungi, but their brains never stopped dying, but they finally attacked the brains trying to control or kill the plague fungi …
Plague fungi show all kinds of’ resting intelligence’, which must be related to the fact that this brain keeps sending out signals, and occasionally it can successfully influence these troops to improve their intelligence.
However, it is strange that these troops were influenced by information and improved their intelligence but did not know how to go back to save their brains.
The first part of the plague was originally unfinished. No wonder it was so strange … But Lin found that a memory fragment showed that there was actually a completion, but there was no information about the completion.
Lin’s attack may have awakened these’ sleeping’ troops and made them fight back. They should still have some intelligence and basic combat response, but they have no tactical ability.
I see. They once had such a history.
This is mainly because the plague fungus brain hides all the memories clearly in one area, but it is not as scattered and fuzzy as other species, so that it can be read more completely, and of course there are some incomplete details.
For example, if they fossilize themselves, it is not known that the plague fungus brain may have lived for thousands of years or longer, including when the two brains are fighting each other. In fact, its expansion speed was not as fast as it is now, and its ability to broadcast quickly is not so strong. It is more inclined to fight infected species, but it is accidental for the fungus to control species by relying on its own growth …
They may have been fungi-like species, but it is still a mystery if they evolved brains.
And there doesn’t seem to be any information in memory from the previous disaster in the sea. Aren’t they affected?
Those ancient squid worship the brain because it constantly releases information and then affects them … Lin also learned some interesting things when she discovered their history … Maybe later.
So talking now needs to blow up this brain, and maybe it will stop the plague and fungus army?
It should be done, no matter how long they lived and what they experienced, it should be over by now, and the plague will be ended.
Later, Lin asked the driller to explore the two brains again to make sure that there were no missing problems. Those closed areas did not hide more memories. Other areas were probably used for thinking or directing the way of classification. These comparative brains divided these areas in detail, and it was difficult to read the common biological memories because they were not scattered like ordinary organisms.
Wait … What is this?
Lin suddenly found a strange thing in the process of searching the driller’s brain. This is a … strange object.
It’s floating in the blood vessels of its head, but it’s not similar to the surrounding cells. It looks … Lin is familiar with it.
….. This is the crystallization of the observer …
Chapter sixty-seven Crystallization decision
There is a small crystal in the cerebral blood vessel, which floats slowly in front of the driller’s eyes. This little thing suddenly attracts Lin’s attention, mainly because of the familiar feeling.
It can almost be said that it is exactly the same as the crystallization of Lin’s observer, but the observer with a slightly larger body is still preserved by Lin, so it can be compared well.
Is this a coincidence? The driller chased the crystal in his blood vessel and found that the crystal touched a cell and it was swallowed up by the cell.
This cell is a brain war cell-it seems that after a long battle, they have become different from simple epidemic cells and have more powerful capabilities.
The driller chased it and swallowed the cell directly into the belly.
You have to do some research …
This cell doesn’t seem to have any special reaction after swallowing the crystal. It doesn’t push the crystal to the surface and get vision like Lin did at the beginning
Maybe this is not a crystallization of vision? The driller stretched out some tiny tentacles and tore the cell, and the results showed that Lin found this crystal almost instantly … It was really the same kind of’ vision crystal’ as the observer!
Lin has seen many kinds of crystals, but she has never seen a similar observer get that piece on the spot. What will another piece appear here? There are many crystals in the undersea caves here, but these crystals are not that kind of crystals …
It’s been a long time, and Lin hasn’t been looking for this crystallization very deliberately. Why is it here? Is it related to this plague fungus brain?