The elder was surprised and angry, and the holy one was silent. Obviously, he was extremely shocked and frightened by the defeat of the two elders.

Baiyun Piao looked at the field in a serious tone and said, "Liu Yunyang’s strength seems to have made great progress compared with the previous one." Long Tianxiao said, "He’s playing tricks. If he doesn’t have a magic weapon, he’s definitely no match for the Second Elder!" The second elder in the field has been […]

Whale fat jumped up!

Whale fat turned around! Whale fat has fallen! The whale jumped wide! The whale hit the whaling ship with a bang, and the waves were huge. The whaling ship was immediately overturned by the waves like a model ship. Chapter 916 Seafood whale fat "Help! We were attacked by a whale!" "A whale, a whale!" […]

If an xiaoxue wears this silver hoop, an xiaoxue’s mental field strength will be allowed to retreat, and the mental hammer will probably not hurt an xiaoxue.

The strength of this silver hoop is evident. After trying for half a quarter of an hour, I made a mistake about this silver hoop. Spiritual field amplifier! Can amplify the spirit force field ability! Like the spirit shield. What a mental mask! Another example is the spiritual field! The closer to the retreat, the […]

"What route?"

"I don’t know" Chen six shook his head. "It looks like a mountain man who has just arrived in the desert city has a later stage of refining gas, and that woman is called a Peugeot." "Gee …" "It’s a pity that getting married is not so good." "Couples in the mountains in the late […]

"Sometimes we don’t need positive strength to reach a certain level. If we don’t confront it head-on, we will compete to a certain extent. For example, with the help of Shushan Sword School, Bibo Haitian and our own strength, and with the help of Du Jie soaring, we can have a conversation with them. Of course, we need to do this kind of thing. I will give you an example to achieve this level. This is our goal in the first stage, and the first stage is to really weaken them."

Wentao smiled faintly. "Your boss still knows that although he killed some of them, a sect of tens of thousands of years will never shake its foundation because we killed these people. Don’t say that you can see that the Qingcheng Sect is very strong with the Jiugong Mountain clan in tian hu, Kyubi no […]