Just like saying that Feng Shao can slander her with words, this man has reached the point where only one look can hurt her.

"I haven’t seen my old friend for many years. I just want to go in and see her while my eldest brother is back in Beijing. After all, you didn’t say you couldn’t go, did you?"
A cold sneer rang out. "I didn’t say you couldn’t enter the palace. Didn’t I say no one was allowed to approach her without authorization?"
"Don’t you like her?" Yun Qiansu was smiling, but she knew that her heart was dripping blood when she said this. "Isn’t it good for me to let her come back to our side?" Brother, you are so gentle with her. Do you think she may come back with her undivided attention to the posture of the emperor? "
"Shut up!" Yunluo coldly, I stopped my forehead and the veins stood out faintly.
"Am I wrong?" Yun Qiansu’s eyes are red, but her words are like refusing to stop. This is the first time that she dares to defy this man face to face, which means the first time to contradict him. But there is a kind of abnormal pleasure in her heart. "You want her to come back to you, but you don’t want to be a bad person and make her hate you. Where is it so cheap?"
"I told you to shut up!"
After saying his word, the white robe has been raised high with the palm of your hand.
Yun Qiansu stared at him in disbelief, the woman who had betrayed him. Now he wants to hit her?
Or did he lose the slap she gave Feng Shao in those years, and now he finally found a chance to get it back? !
"I helped you to be the wicked man …" Whispering hoarse and painful is somewhat illusory. "Are you still unwilling to face the reality now?"
Reaching out and tentatively trying to hold his hand, but the edge of his fingers will touch his sleeve robe, he has already been slammed.
She smiled in a low voice. "She doesn’t love you anymore …"
What, you just won’t let go and look at the people around you?
"She was possessed by ghosts for a moment. How can she say the past is the past after so many years?"
I don’t know if he lied to her or deceived himself, but he took it back coldly. "I never loved you but you are so persistent. Chapter 18 Little fool, can you have a father?"
Yun Qiansu didn’t know how long he had been in situ, and the tears on his face had already dried up, even the sky was already dark.
It was just the right season for spring, but she felt that there was a chill falling into icehouse, and she was cold all the way from head to toe to the apex, and the pain spread wantonly.
He finally asked that sentence. Is she so persistent?
After all, he never said that he had feelings for Feng Shao, although she could guess, but that kind of ambiguity never defended his feelings. She would rather turn a blind eye when he was possessed by ghosts for a while, but later when Feng Shao left, especially after he was forced to jump off a cliff in Jiangnan, he obviously picked this point-he loved Feng Shao, but she was still so stubborn and did not regret it. He hated disgust?
She doesn’t know either
It’s just that love has to be self-controlled.
Just as he is so obsessed with Feng Shao, he knows that there is little hope, but he just refuses to give up and hopes for a miracle by luck.
Walking down the street, it’s already dark. There are no bright stars in the dark sky, only a gray crescent moon hangs there, lonely and lonely.
Has reached the door of the general’s office and turned back.
Qingyuyuan had given up hope and had to wait for another day to continue. Unexpectedly, Yun Qiansu suddenly went to another place furtively, and she quickly bowed down and followed.
It took about one wick of incense before Yunqiansu reached her destination.
Qingyu looked around. Although the courtyard was guarded outside, the defense inside should not be so easy for people to break in.
She jumped off the roof, stepped on the tiles and watched Yun Qiansu walk into the first room. She immediately went to the roof, uncovered the tiles and leaned over to look.
The candlelight in the house outside is very bright and clearly reflects Yun Qiansu and a woman in her forties.
Phoenix shallow left and right, etc., but before Qingyu came back, he became more and more worried. Don’t be surprised. Even people were detained by Yun Qiansu.
Jun Moying looked at her dinner and seemed to have nothing to do except keep picking up food for Yao Yao. He frowned and glanced at her. "You don’t eat it yourself?"
"I’m not eating?"
Phoenix shallow finish a bow only to find that the dishes in his bowl are almost overflowing suddenly silly.
The line of sight turned around in all directions and looked at the big three small pairs of eyes staring at her with a dry smile. "Who is this so good to me?"
Although these three children are still young, especially far away, they have all learned to eat by themselves without being fed by the wet nurse.