In addition to the fish line, the sea fish ziyu did not appear this time. This more let xiao five smelled a plot to taste. Yuziyu is the prince of the Great Demon Kingdom. Naturally, it is not good to get in touch with Xiao Wu in front of many guests. Otherwise, Xiao Wu, who will be "copied" in the future, will probably lose its value. At the same time, Xiao Wu also vaguely knew that Yuziyu and Bai Zhantang were only secretly in the mentoring relationship, but they kept it quiet.

After a few commonplaces, Bai Zhantang pulled Xiao Wu aside and whispered, "How is the condition of Wuer Tianer?" Xiao Wu showed a embarrassed look. "My father-in-law’s condition has improved and it is not good." Bai Zhantang wonders, "What is this?" Xiao Wu said, "After my unique medical skills and alchemy treatment. Tiandi’s condition has […]