The words haven’t been finished yet. Nan Rong saw that Lan Yao’s face had changed. It was a little rosy and turned paler in an instant. It was the biggest and only scar in her heart that could never heal. Every time I think about it, it hurts, and every time I drop blood.

Nan Rong’s illusion tore the wound that had disappeared again. Suddenly, the blue demon cut quickly and withdrew. She kept putting Yang Ye’s hand in the palm of her hand, shrinking a shoulder, and her face was instantly cold and indifferent again. Deep scars sometimes make people sensitive, fragile and neurotic. Yang Ye naturally knows […]

Old Huang cold hum 1 He is not good at bickering with people. He likes to fight. He doesn’t like to say anything. He is wearing a white blouse, shorts and a drag board. This is the standard ordinary citizen’s dress for the elderly. He takes off his blouse, which is not skinny but not fat. He moves slightly, and his body makes a beep.

Malaysian monkey sneer at a "stripped to play with the old? Hum, I’m still afraid that you won’t succeed. Even if you get naked and happen to my younger brother, things won’t happen to me. In my opinion, you are brave and worthless. I’m like a boat, not to mention you. " Haikui listened to […]

"Nine uncles, where have you been for two or three hours?" Qin Wei was smiling, especially when he saw Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui holding hands, he hated that he could not attract all the people in the whole temple.

Although most of the ladies and daughters have left the whole temple in succession, most of them are Qin Luan cronies and envoys who are cool in summer, but there are still a few who stay to watch the scene of bustle. At this moment, I see Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui know that […]