"Nine uncles, where have you been for two or three hours?" Qin Wei was smiling, especially when he saw Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui holding hands, he hated that he could not attract all the people in the whole temple.

Although most of the ladies and daughters have left the whole temple in succession, most of them are Qin Luan cronies and envoys who are cool in summer, but there are still a few who stay to watch the scene of bustle. At this moment, I see Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui know that […]

I soon left Lin Ji’s miscellaneous sauce noodle restaurant and crossed the road into the city’s third hospital, which is also considered as entering the sub-area

"You really don’t care?" Xueyu has been puzzled by Wu Xiaojian’s discovery that he learned that her master’s nemesis, that is, what he always wanted to know, made him feel calm and not troubled by this matter. Starting (8 Chapter 98 Door Dunjia [Chapter Words 47 Latest Update 1393 1:14:4] "It’s too far away" Wu […]

"Ha ha, it’s interesting. Now that you know my identity, you dare to talk to me like this?" Like a flower, the pupil shrinks and looks surprised at Zhao for a long time before slowly calming down.

No matter how weak she is, it is still easy for her to escape from here. "What about that? Just a buffoon, I still don’t care. "Zhao said lightly, look at the flower contra, even if it is an evil soul. What about contra? "What a buffoon! Today, I’ll suck your essence to see if […]

———— Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II Wanyao Mountain, the largest mountain group in Nanbu Prefecture, was not called Wanyao Mountain tens of thousands of years ago. After the establishment of Wanyao Hall, the deputy hall owner Phoenix Shenniao renamed the mountain group Wanyao Mountain, in which […]

Takeda Food Co., Ltd. turned on its lights tonight because two people suddenly disappeared late. They went to a bar to drink and never came back.

These two men are the unlucky Japanese fighters’ Miyaichiro’ and’ Shan Ye Xiufu’ These two guys are also Japanese Yamaguchi group. They are the first batch of ten samurai sent by Yamaguchi group to Japan. Two of them are really unlucky. When they first arrived in China, they went to Linyin Bar to drink without […]