"Oh, it turned out to be cold." Snow secretly laughed.

After listening to the ice, she finally knew why she had that strange feeling, and her mouth slightly raised.
"Well, I just want to thank him for saving my life yesterday." Ouyang Lin blushed a little but suddenly her face sank again. "Because I don’t know if I have a chance to thank him."
"Why did Lin say that?" Snow was flustered after listening to Ouyang Lin’s words. She should not want to commit suicide again, should she?
"I have turned myself in to the police for killing someone before. I believe the police will come to pick me up and take me to the prison soon."
Prison? Ice and snow looked at Ouyang Jun in amazement, didn’t they "help Wang"? Don’t Lin, she doesn’t know?
"That Lin, you’re not worried about nothing. You killed in self-defense!" The soft sound of ice soothe Ouyang Lin’s fragile heart.
"I still killed people in self-defense."
"What is it? Just find your brother. "Snow blurted out without thinking.
"Snow" ice glared at the snow.
And the snow looked blankly at the ice. What happened? Am I wrong?
"My brother? Why is it my brother again? What, you all call me brother, and I’ll be fine? Are you hiding any secrets from me? " Ouyang Lin got excited. Yesterday, she was cold and curious. Now, after hearing what the snow said, her heart became suspicious.
"It’s okay. Snow means that your brother hurts so much that you won’t let anything happen to you." Bing calmly said that he was afraid of revealing a trail, but Ouyang Lin was not a fool!
"It shouldn’t be so simple, isn’t it? Although I don’t have your wisdom, I’m not a fool. You must be hiding something from me. It must be my brother, right? "
"Lin, you …" Bing stared at Ouyang Lin. She just called herself Bing?
"I have recovered my memory. I know your identity is not simple, so you must know about my brother, right?" Ouyang Lin held the ice hand tightly and sweated.
"I …" Ice glanced at the snow and motioned for a look.
Snow nodded knowingly and walked beside Ouyang Lin, knocking her out and fainting in her arms.
Ice gently put OuYangLin flat sofa dial the phone …
"I’m sorry to trouble you," said Ouyang Jun, holding Ouyang Lin and sorry to bow to the ice. It’s not too cultured! !
"Nothing, Lin. Her mood has been very unstable since she recovered her memory. Please take good care of her."
"Well, I know." Ouyang Jun looked at his dear sister lovingly and couldn’t help sighing, then turned his head and stared at the ice eyes.
"What’s up?" Sure enough to save words.
Ouyang Jun smiled with relief. "This is really suitable for you."
"the amount? Lin, did she tell you? "
"Well, I was shocked at first. I really appreciate your saving Lin. When I went there, you couldn’t. I’ve been looking for the person who saved Lin. I didn’t expect that I’d be looking for someone. It turned out to be you. If Lin hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t know."
"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep it from you."
"Does he know at night?"
"I was the last one to know!" Ouyang Jun smiled sadly.
"But I’m glad that because you weren’t afraid to reveal your identity at that time, hypnosis helped Lin seal her memory so that Lin didn’t feel so painful."
"But in the end hypnosis was broken."
"No, Lin, she’s had a very happy life these days. Although it’s short, her face is full of happiness. I’m also very pleased to look at her. That’s enough."
"Good you really love Lin, you know? Lin she is also very heart you "ice think of just OuYangLin that excited tone has been holding her hand to ask her brother about that, heart expression, she envy OuYangJun have such a heart, her sister is she really envy …
"Does Bing have something to say?"
Ice light smile this "fierce" help deputy wang observation was very severe.
"I know you don’t want to hurt Lin, so you have to hide her, but sometimes it’s often counterproductive to hide in good faith."
"Ice, do you know anything?"
"What do I know-that’s not the point. The point is Lin. She has already suspected the’ fierce’ gang deputy Wang."
Ouyang Jun looked at the ice in surprise, but soon recovered calm. She knew that ice was not an ordinary person. It is not surprising that she knew this. Now he is curious about the identity of ice.
"Lin, she is too simple. I don’t want to be contaminated by social filth. Her last trace of innocence and kindness"
"Now the society is very complicated. It’s not a bad thing to tell her about you. Lin is very interested. The longer you hide it, the more harm it will do to Lin. I think she must also hope that she can know more about her brother. This is the best way for Lin. Maybe it will be a little unacceptable at first, but as time goes by, I’m sure she will understand that you took the underworld road to protect her well, right?"