The words haven’t been finished yet. Nan Rong saw that Lan Yao’s face had changed. It was a little rosy and turned paler in an instant. It was the biggest and only scar in her heart that could never heal. Every time I think about it, it hurts, and every time I drop blood.

Nan Rong’s illusion tore the wound that had disappeared again. Suddenly, the blue demon cut quickly and withdrew. She kept putting Yang Ye’s hand in the palm of her hand, shrinking a shoulder, and her face was instantly cold and indifferent again. Deep scars sometimes make people sensitive, fragile and neurotic. Yang Ye naturally knows […]

Rogge was obsessed with arguing with the girl. Where do you remember that this is a tree? Unfortunately, Rogge planted it directly at the bottom of the tree, bringing dust all over the sky.

The girl’s belt fluttered gently before Rogge. Looking at Rogge, the girl with a black face and a swollen face couldn’t help laughing straight out. Rogge stared at each other with a bitter face and then whined and touched his forehead. "I’m going to kill you!" Rogge bite a tooth hate way "ouch ouch! Who […]

"What’s the difference?" Graves dusted his ashes in a depressed way. In his memory, Chen Senran didn’t agree with him several times.

"The most important thing is Svein ….." Chen Senran turned his head to the battlefield. Although he is blind, his strength is definitely better than Graves’s. "It is absolutely impossible to have such a little thing … there must be cards." What is it? ———————— What is it? They rely on Puerto Rico stood on […]