Old Huang cold hum 1 He is not good at bickering with people. He likes to fight. He doesn’t like to say anything. He is wearing a white blouse, shorts and a drag board. This is the standard ordinary citizen’s dress for the elderly. He takes off his blouse, which is not skinny but not fat. He moves slightly, and his body makes a beep.

Malaysian monkey sneer at a "stripped to play with the old? Hum, I’m still afraid that you won’t succeed. Even if you get naked and happen to my younger brother, things won’t happen to me. In my opinion, you are brave and worthless. I’m like a boat, not to mention you. " Haikui listened to […]

The strong gods and the strong men of the same rank will be cautious before fighting, because it is rare to choose if they can come to this step in the world and are not very strong for a while.

But Sula Wong is out of the public and Agana play. Maybe Agana will refuse in another place, but it’s a pity that if the two armies confront each other, the consequences will be unimaginable. Agana is also very confident in herself and is very aggressive with the army led by King Hag. She’s guilty […]

The egg hurts very much, and Cheyenne naturally has no idea to pay attention to Wang Lame, who has forgotten what he came for and left very disappointed.

Cheyenne was addicted to pain and happy, but after a while he was summoned by Bai Mengyan to join the game at once. Bai Mengyan’s tone is very excited, which makes Cheyenne think. Is Su Qingyan really going to invest money in Bai Mengyan? After entering the game and switching to Zunbao’s little abused mode, […]

All of them want to marry their daughter into the general’s office. How can they not seize this opportunity and not carry it out to the end?

"I have a reasonable opinion that feelings can be cultivated. General Yun doesn’t have to be too rigid about whether there is an emotional foundation …" "Yes, General Yun, which engagement is not a parent’s life or a matchmaker’s words now? If the emperor personally give marriage that is a great gift … " "I […]

"… wow!"

All the year round, the majesty made the riot people seem to have a moment of peace and shock. "Hum, if you have done something wrong, do you dare to give him some color from your brothers and sisters? Are we ordinary people really good at bullying?" The male voice, who had been leading in […]