I soon left Lin Ji’s miscellaneous sauce noodle restaurant and crossed the road into the city’s third hospital, which is also considered as entering the sub-area

"You really don’t care?"
Xueyu has been puzzled by Wu Xiaojian’s discovery that he learned that her master’s nemesis, that is, what he always wanted to know, made him feel calm and not troubled by this matter.
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Chapter 98 Door Dunjia [Chapter Words 47 Latest Update 1393 1:14:4]
"It’s too far away" Wu Xiaojian has come up with a broken seal operator to enter the third hospital deputy.
I don’t know if it is because of the broken seal that he can now see that the third hospital is blocked. After the seal, it is a huge hexagram array that covers the face and slowly rotates counterclockwise, and the holy light becomes a barrier to block this place.
"Far away?" Snow feather is not very clear
"Yes," Wu Xiaojian said to her calmly and soberly, "It’s better to think about how to get Li Qianru back first because he doesn’t even know the name of his opponent, and Li Qianru’s company can’t solve it. This thing is because he, no matter who knows, will be harmed by him again, and glasses man … I don’t have the spirit to take care of this old enemy now."
Saying the word old enemy has fully demonstrated that Wu Xiaojian has seen this successor of blade master to a high level and knows that he will have a fateful battle with him sooner or later if he does not give up his last treasure.
But before that, he has to deal with many things, which are obstacles in his way. If these people can’t win, they can become the successor of blade master, the star king. Just now, Uncle miscellaneous sauce was so sincere that even his grandmother was included. Unfortunately, it can be seen that his winning rate for him will not exceed 50%. This is the feeling that the successor once had uncle miscellaneous sauce to evaluate him here.
"…" Xueyu didn’t speak again, but connected from the heart to give him a happy mood.
It is confirmed that she is asking this question on purpose to test whether Wu Xiaojian will be shaken by such a distant thing.
Wu Xiaojian also knows that his words are so said, but it is more important to listen to Uncle miscellaneous sauce’s meaning in front of these things. This black gas source is not a general trouble. He is not convenient to go in and can entrust him to investigate-for he has snow feathers to curb the scene.
Now that you can see the seal, it’s simple.
According to Uncle miscellaneous sauce, the broken seal operator was torn up, and the purple seal operator was printed into a solid and floated to the seal. A crack appeared, and the crack was ordered to open, presenting an accessible door and choosing to enter the world. This ancient vice really entered the third hospital of the city.
It was clear and bright in the morning, and it looked normal before it was covered with dark clouds. The old hospital building immediately became a haunted hospital in many horror films. The whole building was full of eerie gray breath.
"More exaggerated than the haunted ancient temple"
This is Wu Xiaojian’s first feeling after coming in.
A haunted temple is more like a costume horror movie, but you can tell yourself it’s fake.
But now everything is happening, like the horror around us, and the terrible atmosphere is soaring. I am really worried that suddenly there will be a pale female face next to me. What is he brave but also afraid of this kind of false ghost?
"Door Dunjia, the seal level here is quite high." Xueyu hit the nail on the head. The way of sealing here means that before they came in, they saw that the divination array in the sky also divided it into areas.
"There are eight auxiliary rooms?"
From now on, there are no monsters, and they have not entered the real crack area because they still belong to the periphery of the seal.
"Well" Xueyu understood his words and confirmed that he wanted the situation.
Yu said that the door armor seal here is of high grade, and it is precisely because of its strong strength that it is necessary to separate the components here to hold it.
The crack monster is not stupid, not as stupid as the monster in the dreamland vice. Because it is real and free, it will try to attack the seal here and make itself completely free.
If we don’t separate them, they will get together and hit a place together.
Now this place is divided into blocks, that is, the monster power here is divided into blocks, and they naturally have no way to break the seal here and leave this sub-area to get out of chaos.
"Which door to go first?"
Actually, these situations are all in the raiders’ guide, and it is also said that after playing which area, you will get a spell state to play an area conveniently.
"This is optional. Didn’t you just watch the Raiders?" Xueyu knew that he had just seen the raiders and felt that he was asking more questions.
Wu Xiaojian knows that Raiders means to pay attention to the characteristics and regional conditions of BOSS in various regions.
In this case, he asked for a natural strategy by entering the door and leaving the door, and made it clear that the door of death is the simplest one in the door and the map with the most possessed spirits after mastering the method.
Entrusted by uncle miscellaneous sauce, it is impossible for him to walk around the door without taking a picture this time.
"I have a hunch that the root of black gas is in Dumen." Xueyu gave Wu Xiaojian a wake-up call from her experience.
"Dumen?" Wu Xiaojian knew what she said was reasonable.
Dumen is hidden in the door, and it is also the lowest visibility area in the raiders. There is a lot of black gas that affects the vision. It is recommended that the optical environment card change the environment before fighting, otherwise it will be easily attacked by monsters.
He doesn’t have a light environmental card at hand, but he also has corresponding countermeasures
"Then leave Dumen in front of the death gate, and then open the door and get the spell state of opening the door to fight. I remember that the spell state of opening the door is to control resistance by 6%."
On losing or freezing belong to control skills. Facing the possible situation in Dumen, it is a very good high-security arrangement to reduce the probability of being controlled.
Xueyu now listens to him and finds that Wu Xiaojian is quite trustworthy after he finds his state back.
Wu Xiaojian directly started the birth gate connection and sent himself directly to the sixth floor, which is the place where the hospital was admitted and discharged. In a sense, it is the birth gate that restores the vitality of patients and keeps them away from the death zone.
But now here has nothing to do with beauty and life.
The bloody handprints on the walls and glass windows that just entered here led to a large number of gray-black monsters that looked like human beings and nonhuman beings rushing out of various wards and pouncing on him like hungry ghosts.
Snow feather has possessed him by default, and the magic cow of sword fighting has also appeared in this area.
Because the snow feather has become a star god, these monster attributes are displayed on the mobile phone interface
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Chapter 99 The Ring of the Plague (3rd watch) [Chapter Words 394 Last updated 1393 15:11:]
【 Plague Infected Person (Level 31) 】
Ability hug
【 Plague Sufferer (Level 31) 】
Ability self-explosion
According to the raiders, wearing green disease is a plague victim and wearing blue disease is a plague torturer.
If you are hugged by a plague-infected person, all the plague victims will flock to the hugged target in one breath, and the consequences can be imagined by themselves.
However, if the plague victims are solved, it means that none of these plague victims is like an explosive fuse. Otherwise, the explosive will not explode for no reason, which is reflected in the fact that the plague victims have no threat except being guided by the plague victims to explode themselves.
It’s the key problem, not these’ little monsters’
"mark! Brutal collision! "
Wu Xiaojian is now very grateful to the Raiders. Without this Raiders, he not only didn’t know that these monsters would work hard to clean up these monsters, but he was exhausted.
In fact, the birth gate is the only one whose simplicity is second only to the death gate.
The difficulty mainly lies in finding [Plague Spreader] in this sea of people offensive, that is, the BOSS in this area.
Plague-sowing ability is simply a resurrection and a call.
Resurrection is the resurrection of the killed plague victims and plague torturers, and summoning is also the summoning of these two small monsters.