The egg hurts very much, and Cheyenne naturally has no idea to pay attention to Wang Lame, who has forgotten what he came for and left very disappointed.

Cheyenne was addicted to pain and happy, but after a while he was summoned by Bai Mengyan to join the game at once.
Bai Mengyan’s tone is very excited, which makes Cheyenne think. Is Su Qingyan really going to invest money in Bai Mengyan?
After entering the game and switching to Zunbao’s little abused mode, Cheyenne changed the blue light weapon in his hand, and then rushed to the professional hall to meet Bai Mengyan and others. Yan Pu and red high heels all saw Cheyenne greet them warmly in their columns, but Ye Wu Yewen’s brother and sister disappeared, but even so, there were more than 16 guild members!
Bai Mengyan has really spent a lot of time these days. It seems that her ambition is not based on the wind, but for Cheyenne, what can it do if there are more people?
Just as Cheyenne was absent-mindedly searching for any beautiful women among the new members, he obviously felt that there was a pair of hostile eyes staring at himself in this crowd. Unfortunately, it was a male Cheyenne who recognized the man at a glance. It was the little boy with glasses who went to Qingyan Company with Bai Mengyan today.
Why does the child hate himself so much? Cheyenne is puzzled
"Now that people are here, I will announce a great event! I found a gold owner today and initially reached an agreement with the other party to expand the number of guild members to 100 in three days, and the other party agreed to inject 1 million yuan! "
"This one million will become the capital of the rise of our guild. With money, we can recruit powerful masters and form our own team. At that time, the name of our guild will surely resound through the land of China! Of course, we can recruit enough members before everything! This glorious and great mission needs to be completed by all of you here. Now I will distribute it! "
"It’s really domineering!" Cheyenne watched Bai Mengyan allocate the quota of people.
"What if I can’t finish it?" YanPu hesitate to ask a way
Xia Anxin moved in and said, "If you can pull your brother into our guild, even if you finish it, I can guarantee that our guild will receive capital injection immediately!"
"Who the fuck are you? Is this your decision?"
"When the leader speaks, what do you want an informal member to say!"
Those who have just joined the club and don’t know Cheyenne, a figure who has always claimed to be a veteran, have yelled at Cheyenne. The boy is the most severe one.
Bai Mengyan stared at Cheyenne with a threatening face, indicating that she could dig a hole and bury him if he tried to calm the public’s anger.
Enron is a joke.
Cheyenne came out triumphantly in the eyes of everyone. "It seems that you can’t do without me!"
Chapter 64 Sheep and Tigers
Before everyone became angry again, Xia An cleared his throat and prepared to make a long speech.
"Let’s be quiet and see what he can say." President Bai Mengyan still has a little dignity, and of course there is a little bit.
"Let me add that it will be interesting for a long time!" Cheyenne is carrying a pair of hands to see the sky. "Although the president has stipulated the number of heads for you, it will be different if you can win over the masters!" I think the investor gave us such a condition just to test our ability. I think it is better to pursue quantity than quality! We have to take the elite route! "
"Presumably, everyone knows the famous big devil, right? He has a person, but who dares to look down on him? Think about it. Would you hesitate to join the investors if there were a big devil in our guild? You may wish to consider such a question: Is a tiger leading a group of sheep powerful or is a sheep leading a group of tigers powerful? "
Cheyenne looked stupefied and everyone spread their hands and gestured, "I said there shouldn’t be palms here?"
Except for two kind people, red high heels and Yan Pu, who applauded with excitement, others didn’t respond. In fact, many people didn’t listen to what he said.
But the reaction of the two high-level members of the guild was different. In reality, Bai Mengyan, a Cheyenne, was so surprised that even Enron showed a thoughtful look. They were all thinking about the same question-was this cargo occupied by aliens? To be able to say such insightful words?
"Well, this cargo … er Zunbao said it’s very good. You can also try to win over any superior resources. If you can’t win over, you can report it to us. I’ll tell each other myself! Everyone must go all out to make our guild the strongest! " Bai Mengyan said
Cheyenne has got together with Yan Pu at this time, so it is necessary for Yan Pu to pull his brother Yan Kui into the guild.
If a guild owns Yan Pu and Yan Que, Cheyenne will definitely personally ask Su Qingyan to invest money to help Bai Mengyan’s guild. If these two great gods really join Bai Mengyan’s guild, it is really a treasure.
The crowd dispersed with red high heels, Yan Pu, Bai Mengyan and Enron.
Enron smiled and asked, "You just talked about tigers and sheep, which was very interesting. Do you think we will grow into tigers or sheep?"
Tigress? Little sheep?
She won’t be happy when she is called Bai Mengyan. This beautiful girl is obviously up to no good.
Cheyenne which meeting when pulling aside YanPu charged him theory such as ideas will yan lack of woo.
Bai Mengyan looked at Cheyenne in disbelief and asked, "Is this the second time that you have asked Yan Pu’s brother for news? Is he really a master? "
Cheyenne said, "I let him into the guild not because he is my enemy, but because I abused him!" "
See Bai Mengyan four people have an epiphany Cheyenne nu "you let me down too much, I am that kind of person? I asked Yan Pu to help his younger brother join the club, naturally for the sake of the guild. His younger brother is really a master! "
"How high is it? Have you seen him? "
"It’s about several stories high!" Cheyenne saw signs that Bai Mengyan was angry again and quickly went on, "I don’t know how powerful it is, but a group of people didn’t chase after him!" That skill reminds me of the natural enemy! "
Cheyenne boasted bitterly about the great devil, and it felt so good to be flattered and boastful.
"True or false?" Bai Mengyan obviously despaired of Cheyenne and turned to Yan Pu for verification.
Yan Pu shook his head blankly and said he didn’t know.
Cheyenne is angry and thinks it’s time to shake the husband’s outline. Oh, it’s a man’s majesty. He cursed and swore, "You’ll know when Yan Pu can really pull his brother Yan Kui."
Bai Mengyan’s thoughts were all ignored when the guild didn’t have a root. Cheyenne was also assigned to pull the head, and then he took a few people to get busy.
Cheyenne suddenly felt that it was not impossible to develop Bai Mengyan’s guild. He thought about it and entered a name "Knife and Ambition" through the friend search function.
This small knife is the young man who stood up for Cheyenne when he learned that Boss Chen had sold the title of "Monkey King". His skills are not bad, although he can’t reach the level of first-class master, he is reliable. This is the backbone that Bai Mengyan Association lacks now.
Cheyenne’s friend addition request passed the verification soon.
"Are you Xia Ge?" The knife sounded.
"Knife, you can guess!" Cheyenne laughed and thought that his light was really everywhere.
"It’s really Xia Ge! When I saw this name, I was a little suspicious that it was you, Xia Ge. Are you sure you don’t have the title of Monkey King? That’s not like you! But recently, I saw that the Monkey King was abused so badly by the Great Devil, and my brothers were so excited, "said the knife excitedly."