All of them want to marry their daughter into the general’s office. How can they not seize this opportunity and not carry it out to the end?

"I have a reasonable opinion that feelings can be cultivated. General Yun doesn’t have to be too rigid about whether there is an emotional foundation …"
"Yes, General Yun, which engagement is not a parent’s life or a matchmaker’s words now? If the emperor personally give marriage that is a great gift … "
"I believe that the girl who was lucky enough to marry General Yun must be good everywhere and serve General Yun with all her heart …"
During the most square with a sword sword scabbard shining golden, Yunluo almost rushed to draw his sword and cut this nonsense!
Your ink shadow eyes swept through the hall, and all the people’s eyebrows flowed, and the radian of evil spirits’ lips was minute by minute but unfathomable.
"The love of Qing makes sense, but the most important thing is that Yun Luo said that now and the right person is the case, so it’s not a great move to marry a mandarin duck. Since cultivating feelings with whom is training, let me pick out the best woman in Beijing for you, and then you can choose it yourself."
The first half of the sentence is said by the Manchu civil and military officials, but the second half is said to Yunluo.
However, it seems that the tone of consultation has not been consulted, which is disguised coercion
Yunluo sneer at
"The emperor will refuse at the end!" He resolutely fell to his knees and suddenly knelt down. "Please ask the emperor to give the late generals a little more and let them find their own favorite women …"
A tone of almost decisive pleading but unconcerned.
It is more appropriate to say that it is a confrontation between the monarch and the minister rather than a marriage.
When the emperors will break into a furious rage and denounce Yunluo unappreciative, the emperors will nod their heads and lightly say, "That’s the case. I’ll give you another period of time. If you still haven’t found the woman you want to marry, I won’t give you a second chance."
"Thank you very much. The Emperor will obey the oracle!"
A court storm is not a court storm. No one knows what the emperor really means.
Especially Yunluo. At first, the emperor was still worried. He and Xiaoqisuo wanted to marry him and put an end to this possibility forever.
But later, when he said that resistance would be rejected, the emperor miraculously changed his attitude and promised him a period of time.
What is it?
Is it really casual?
No, this possibility was crushed by him just after his brain took shape. It’s impossible. He didn’t believe that the emperor would be idle to talk about these things for him.
Raise my hand and pinch the eyebrows. Yunluo feels that the sudden jump of his forehead seems to hurt even his brain. His eyes are sullenly walking in the direction outside the palace. Lu Yu is looking directly at whoever greets him.
Although he is used to being indifferent, he has never been so arrogant.
They can’t help but suddenly afraid that General Yun is really angry this time-all the people who have helped the cavity are blamed for the marriage …
In front of the palace, your ink shadow is quietly long and slim, and your eyes are dark and mysterious, but your lips are a little curved.
Jun cold night beside him squinting low way "brother now that you know he’s up to no good, don’t directly to the court today. Chapter 136 What a suck! He’s a single generation!
"If it goes through to the end, he will burn his bridges. Now that the engagement has already appeared, what if he resists?"
It’s better to put pressure on him than to say the specific date as it is now. In a sense of urgency, he believes that Yunluo will try to do something early, even if he won’t confront him before, which will definitely have an impact on his psychology now, so his goal has been achieved.
"I can’t move until he moves."
Because killing a general with great military exploits, even if it is a strike, it will fall into people’s mouths.