"Ha ha, it’s interesting. Now that you know my identity, you dare to talk to me like this?" Like a flower, the pupil shrinks and looks surprised at Zhao for a long time before slowly calming down.

No matter how weak she is, it is still easy for her to escape from here.
"What about that? Just a buffoon, I still don’t care. "Zhao said lightly, look at the flower contra, even if it is an evil soul. What about contra?
"What a buffoon! Today, I’ll suck your essence to see if you dare to be rampant." The flower smiles and does all the evil energy surge up.
The blood-red energy of the flower body surges up with a powerful evil breath, which makes all the students feel the soul tremble.
As the strong energy of heaven and earth converge, a huge soul ring rises rapidly.
The flower is impressively contra.
And it’s half a step forward, and it’s the title fight against evil spirits!
Chapter 37 All bow down to Zhao Xuechang, the world’s double.
Shrek college
Flower indifference in the square has a bloody and bitter smell, and the whole Shrek College is shrouded in
Everyone in the whole college was in a state of panic.
All the students and teachers of Shrek College looked at the square in horror, and they felt an indescribable sense of death, which made them feel a deep chill.
Contra level strong or evil soul division?
It’s over, it’s over this time. If an evil soul teacher of this level attacks them, they will all die.
"Evil Soul Master?" At this time, Erlong Liu and Flanders and other Shrek college teachers rushed to the department and looked at the figure in front in horror.
How terrible it is for the evil spirit masters. Aren’t they extinct in the Wu Soul Hall? What will have an evil spirit teacher appear in their Shrek College or such a powerful evil spirit teacher?
"Zhao, what’s going on?" Erlong Liu’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao’s eyes full of anxiety. She could see that the evil soul teacher had a little hatred for Zhao in his eyes.
"The evil soul teacher in front of me is like a flower. The martial soul is a succubus. She can use her martial soul to pick up yang and replenish yin, so as to prolong her life and enhance her strength. She is absorbing the spirit of the Tang Dynasty by hiding in the college these days."
"Tang San’s talent is very high, which is a great supplement for her."
Zhao light staring at the front of the flower, his heart has a little fighting spirit, such as flower repair is the 19th level, which can be used to test his strength now.
"Like a flower?" Erlong Liu looked at the old woman in front with surprise. It was unbelievable that there was such a horrible identity behind the once gentle and sweet little girl.
"Zhao is good, but you have to pay the price for revealing my secret. You must taste more delicious than Tang San." Not far away, there is a touch of greed in Zhao’s eyes. Zhao is so excellent that Tang San devours his essence, and she must be able to evolve.
As he spoke, a soul ring lit up like a flower, and people were horrified. Hundreds of blood-red figures climbed out of the void, and their blood-red eyes were full of pain and resentment.
This is the flower that killed people. Some of them were very strong and some were very weak, but they were all refined by the flower. This is the horror of the evil soul teacher. The evil soul teacher can evolve by devouring the flesh and blood of other people’s souls. It is also the case that the evil soul teacher is punished by everyone.
Looking at the hundreds of ghosts in the sky, Shrek students all showed fear, including Shrek college teachers.
They can’t repair the soul king or even the soul clan. How can they resist this attack? This attack can’t be stopped even by contra except the title of contra.
"liuyi, you protect the people here, the evil soul teacher, and give it to me." Zhao hurriedly said, looking at the terror in front has a little indifference.
The evil soul masters at the same level are far more powerful than ordinary soul masters because of their strange and biting skills, but for Zhao, they don’t have such an advantage. He is immortal and has natural restraint over these evil things.
"That how line I can’t let you take risks" Erlong Liu qiao face slightly beautiful eyes looking at zhao has a little anxious, although powerful, but how can it be an evil soul rival?
"Don’t worry, it’s just a contra." Zhao looked at the evil breath coming towards him and smiled indifferently.
Zhao instantly releases his undead bird, the black undead wing slowly stretches behind his soul.
In the virtual, black light surged in Zhao’s right arm, and the black dragon sword appeared in his right hand, Zhao’s hand, and the sword had a dark atmosphere.
"Let me help you." Ning Rongrong sounded behind him and released the three soul rings of Wu Soul. At the same time, they lit up and blessed Zhao.
Zhao looked back at Ning Rongrong with a smile that made her feel at ease.
"hey!" Zhao light drink to see a sword light like condensate as essence cut in the direction of the flower.
Boom ! !
The horror sonic boom sounded hundreds of ghosts and ghosts crashing and breaking at this moment.
With Ning Rongrong Nine Treasures glass tower plus Zhao this sword is powerful to the extreme.
At this time, all eyes are on Zhao.
The whole world was silent.
Everyone can’t help but take a gasp.
All the teachers and students of Shrek College gawk at Zhong Zhao’s figure and feel shocked.
The first day of Zhao Shrek College
His strength has reached this point.
Opposite, that’s an evil soul master of contra level. Even the title of contra pair will not be better, but her soul skill was easily broken by Zhao.
What does this mean? They dare not think.
Does Zhao, like them, have the strength to be at the top of the world if he is even younger?
Everyone looked at Zhao deeply, and his eyes were full of awe and worship.
Today, no one can have such a strong fighting capacity at Zhao’s age, only Zhao.
Zhao’s strength alone is enough to be proud of the number of days. People in the whole Douro continent can be called a strong man, and Zhao is still so young, and he will become stronger in the future.
All Shrek students look at Zhao with deep admiration and fanaticism.
They really want to kneel for Zhao.
Because Zhao has an incomparable temperament, they look at Zhao as if he were a generation of enemies.
Erlong Liu beautiful eyes gawk at Zhao at this time, she has been completely dull, looking at that enemy figure, her beautiful face can’t help but flush a little hot.
Flanders and other Shrek teachers looked at Zhao excitedly. They knew Zhao would wait for the strong? In the future, they will also go down in history because of Zhao