"Sure enough, there are tricks …" Mo Lin said that Mo Ran did not disappoint. All his attacks and defenses have strict tactical planning.

"Whew …" After a sharp and extremely broken whistling flash, Mo Ran’s right fist attacked Yang Li like a sharp arrow.
Yang Li has moved, and he obviously didn’t guard against the ink Ranyou visual attack. This recruit was caught off guard, and it was probably a bit messy at the foot of the road.
Mo Ran’s fist seemed to boom in a straight line. Yang drew an arc in front of the spike knife when he heard the wind rushing. This seems simple, but it actually protects the bust and at the same time, his face finally shows some confusion.
In the face of Yang’s defense from Mo Ran, he didn’t flinch, but his body was slightly swift and rushed to him, which just made the spike defense equal to hitting Yang from a time difference.
"Beautiful!" Mo Lin clenched his fist and shouted a voice in his heart. He suddenly found himself swinging his fist and clutching tightly with Mo Ran’s attack.
"It is equally important to have strength on the one hand, and it is equally important to exert strength to the fullest." Seeing Mo Ran’s beautiful tactics and responding to Mo Lin, he summed up this truth
Mo Ran’s ability to lift a stone lock of 200 Jin 30 times in a row is amazing enough. He broke through the defense of spike and struck a punch. Yang Li couldn’t hide from it.
At this critical juncture, Yang swung out of his left arm and also struck a punch, which collapsed with Mo Ran’s fist.
Compared with the dark and capable appearance of Mo Ran, Yang Li seems weak, and Mo Lin doesn’t know how strong he is, but when they hit Mo Ran with their fists, Yang Li bounced out of his body slightly, but his left arm seemed to be inconvenient.
"Is Yang Li going to lose?" Limbo surprised way
Ink Lin shook his head and said, "Not necessarily …" Although he saw that Yang Li had suffered a loss, he was still very sensitive. It is not necessarily necessary to give him a chance to win or lose.
Mo ran would pursue, but he stopped and turned his wrist and didn’t pursue.
Yang retreated to the edge of the ring to get this breathing space and soon recovered his face. Seeing that he looked serious, Spike dagger was lifted to the front and Molin felt very sorry.
Mo Ran and Yang Li’s glance at each other suddenly broke two stories, a spike and a fist rushed from both sides of the ring to the central government.
The cold light from spike knife reminds Mo Lin of the power of chopping fireballs.
Ink ran fist also conjured up several ghosting strength must also be serious.
The two outstanding Mohist newcomers thought it was necessary to decide the outcome with this blow, and Mo Lin, like all the audience, held her breath and waited for the result quietly.
The two figures are getting closer and closer, and soon they hit each other. Yang rolled up a strong wind from the spike and cut it to Mo Ran, while Mo Ran’s fists swung up and knocked out diagonally, just hitting the spike blade.
"Bang …" When they rang, they were all shocked but didn’t flinch, and then they got entangled.
Chapter 47 Newcomer Trial
Chapter 47 Newcomer Trial Chapter
Both of them are fast-moving, and Mo Lin can see a knife light shaking and know that it is Yang Li’s attack and defense.
Mo Ran’s fist is very heavy, and every punch swings out with a strong breeze. Yang Li’s attack and defense are often hindered by this strong breeze.
Yang Li calmed down and stopped fighting with Mo Ran. He planned to look for opportunities, because Mo Ran’s attack power and speed demanded extremely high physical strength and endurance. Once he couldn’t keep up with his physical strength, it was Yang Li’s opportunity.
This opportunity came soon, when Mo Ranmeng blew a punch, a strong breeze brushed Yang from his forehead, and the strong breeze swept over Yang to hoop his hair. Suddenly, a head of long hair hung freely over his shoulders, and the strong breeze fluttered and fluttered, keeping Yang from his eyes.
Yang from the heart a surprised ink ran will take the opportunity to attack can wait for the head to carry forward the ink ran fist is still halfway.
"He doesn’t have the strength." Yang replied with a joy from his heart that Mo Ran’s fist deceives him into the front of Mo Ran, and the spike breaks and flies. It is his spike design trick "spike assault"
Mo Ran tried to block with his fist, but it was a little slow. Spike dodged his fist and blocked the flash. He hit the ink Ran’s right arm, pierced his clothes and stopped his skin.
Yang from "shout" breath a sigh of relief, body pause feel spent a lot of energy.
Mo Ran also gasped and raised his right hand and said, "I lost."
"Yang Li!" Seeing that Yang Li won this thrilling game by a narrow margin, his supporters cheered immediately.