He shook his head and watched her disappear. He sighed that it should be very cold tonight.

Shuo did go to Zou Qitai, although I didn’t know if it was a negotiation, but Zou Qitai finally agreed.
Last year’s birthday announced the wedding date of two people, but this birthday is going to break off the engagement. Probably no one expected that things would change so quickly.
However, Zou Qitai and Hu Guqiu were cautious in dissolving this engagement, but others were very worried. At least, they didn’t announce a wedding date like last year. The atmosphere was depressed and it was like a funeral.
As soon as the news came out, others didn’t know it, but the punishments were quite unexpected. New moon successfully entered the punishments and then broke off the engagement. It seems that he really grew up and didn’t have his own ideas from discipline as he did when he was a child.
Chief Zhang is more worried and at the same time goes home to take care of his sister. Now there is no engagement to bind Shuo. Maybe he will go too far.
However, they all thought it was amazing that Shuo didn’t do anything. He was calm and it was easy to see that he was in a good mood.
In recent years, a case happened again near Liucheng, the capital of Huangdi. My official in Liucheng reported to Shuntianfu according to the usual practice, but I didn’t expect Yan Liang to pick it up.
It’s a strange case, not a big one, and it’s difficult to solve it. Liucheng didn’t ask Shuntianfu’s official for help. It’s hard to understand that Yan Liang suddenly answered it.
Ning Xiaoyue asked her to volunteer and Yan Liangtong to help.
Leaving the emperor is after nightfall. Ning Xiaoyue is very fond of saying that it is very cold in winter, but it is even colder at this time when he has to leave the city late.
No one can recognize the two of them who came to ride fast horses and rushed out from the gate of the imperial capital, and soon they threw the imperial capital behind them.
Ning Xiaoyue’s horse is one step behind. From time to time, take a look at Yan Liang before running. Ning Xiaoyue sighs repeatedly. If I had known, I wouldn’t have taken this trip with her.
It’s cold to travel overnight, but it’s even colder if you stop. You may freeze to death. It takes a lot of words to go crazy.
The next afternoon, the two men arrived in Liucheng and went straight to the government office, where someone had been waiting for the government office.
Ma Ningxiao Yue tightened her heavy coat, and she felt that her limbs were freezing.
Look at Yan Liang, and she will immediately deal with the case. Who would have thought that she actually ordered food and then went straight to Liucheng government to prepare the room?
Strange NingXiaoYue followed her and found herself suddenly don’t understand her.
When I entered the room, I felt warm. Ning Xiaoyue sighed and went straight to the heater.
Yan Liang had no expression, untied his cloak and then turned around and sat very calm.
Glancing at her, Ning Xiaoyue said faintly, "I said, are you here to handle a case or to play?" She looks more like a vacation.
"The case is not difficult to worry about." How to investigate the ordinary neighborhood dispute and then make a murder case?
Pie mouth NingXiaoYue turned to her and sat staring at her for a while. "Did you run here on purpose? Isn’t there something between you and the king of Weijun that we don’t know about? For example, are you going to go public? " That’s easy. Just ask the emperor for a piece of imperial edict.
"Think too much is not" gave her a light look Yan Liang denied.
"What’s that? Tell me quickly that I always want to guess if you don’t tell me. "She will guess that she has a headache."
"Someone is looking for me, I’ll find a place to hide." She left the hidden trail overnight so that Weiyuan could implement the plan again. Both she and Shuo left the emperor and went to Xinghuazhuang. That night, he came to the mansion to wait for him, but they didn’t seem to learn from it. They still ran to the mansion to find her. In this case, they must be successful in waiting for him for the second time.
"who?" Sure enough, I got the answer. Ning Xiaoyue is still asking why.
"You don’t know me, don’t ask." These things are very long to say.
Kind of disappointing NingXiaoYue looked at her and suddenly said, "won’t be XiaoLi? I think this fellow’s motive was impure. At that time, you made you sweep the tower. A few days ago, it was announced that your engagement with Shuo was dissolved. I also heard someone say that you might have something to do with Xiao Li when you dissolved your engagement. "Although it’s ridiculous, it’s true that his motive is impure."
"And what does he have? He’s busy with his own affairs now, and he’s probably too busy to come over. "Yan Liang tweaked his eyebrows slightly and didn’t like to hear it very much.