"Don’t worry, we have our own discretion!" Got the female wake up another female sound and timely come out.

The sound of the two people is very small. Except for the three people in the field, others naturally know that they are located in the middle, but they have never spoken.
Whew, one or three figures suddenly flashed, and a courtyard appeared. Except for some flowers and plants, there was only one castle in the courtyard.
The door of this pavilion is closed and the pavilion is dark. Obviously, it is not inhabited. Look closely, it is like a deserted house that has been visited for a long time, so the dust in the attic has already covered the words on the door plaque.
I can’t see the handwriting clearly, so they didn’t look closely. I plan to follow the attic instead of imagining that it is a door wall. Although the door has been locked at the moment, it has not stopped three people.
Three figures are still two women carrying one of them who hasn’t spoken for a long time, and then they go out of the courtyard several times and come to another courtyard.
The speed of the three shadows was amazing, and soon they crossed several courtyards and then came to an attic where the lights had not been dimmed.
With the help of the small trees outside the attic, all three eyes fell on a window in the attic and looked inside along the window to see several strange figures in the attic.
But this strange figure is occasionally mixed with several familiar figures. Look closely at these familiar figures. The owner is obviously the main member of this inflammatory family.
"Chief Yan is now in this fire sect to see the sample together, in order to seize the control of the Yanxian River again. What do you think we should do next?" Listen carefully to a slightly old sound in the attic at the right time.
Looking down the sound, a white-haired old man stands in the middle of the attic, but at the moment, his face is full of anxiety and worry.
"Ye Qiu, it turned out that he really took refuge in the Yan family!" See the true face of the white-haired old man for a long time without saying anything. The man in black finally couldn’t help but have a drink.
Listen carefully to this sound, the owner seems to be a man, or he is afraid that his whereabouts will be exposed before the sound is reduced to a minimum, so he has not been heard by the people inside.
"Afraid of what is not a few factions together? When have our Yan family ever been afraid of them? " Ye Qiuren, who was called by men in black, listened to another sound that was not old.
Looking down the direction of the sound again, a middle-aged figure of about forty or fifty years old appeared in front of everyone.
In the attic, Yan Yang, the patriarch of Yan’s family, sits in the first position of the attic. From his tone, we can know how proud he is at the moment.
However, Yan Yang, the patriarch of Yan’s family, has enough ability to cultivate Yan Yang, the patriarch of the family, and what he said this time was not his self-satisfaction words.
The old man shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Now it seems that there is such a thing. It is better to fight with them if you just escape!"
"Ye Qiu, who doesn’t worry about you first, is also a caring man. Wouldn’t it be a laughing stock if he doesn’t even have this patience?" Ye Qiu, a white-haired old man, shook his head and denied his thoughts.
Ye Qiu heard this and didn’t know what to say at the moment. After all, Yan Yang was right. If a family bent on subverting Ye’s family doesn’t have a little patience, it will be a laughing stock.
Embarrassed, Ye Qiu didn’t say anything about the scorching sun. When he saw this, he simply sighed and immediately said, "Although this situation is critical, it has not yet shown the strength of our department!"
Said the inflammation Yang paused and then added, "I think it’s not too late for us to stay put and explore their situation first and then take action."
"Wait a minute!"
They heard that the patriarch’s words were naturally all busy nodding and agreeing, but at this time, a juvenile sound was appropriate to attract everyone’s attention.
Natural body window with the help of small trees to hide three men in black shadow was shocked by this sudden Tathagata sound. I just wanted to leave this moment, but I dismissed the idea and continued to hide this.
Looking around, the owner of the sound that just broke everyone’s speech in the attic has already fallen into everyone’s sight.
Seeing this young man’s figure outside the window, the man in black snorted again and murmured, "What a Ye Qiu! It’s no wonder that the whole family has taken refuge in the Yan family!"
The male voice in black just fell on his lips and was covered by two women in black beside him. Immediately, he was thin and instantly set up by two women and suddenly flew towards the nearby courtyard.
As soon as the boy’s voice in the attic fell, he heard some changes outside the window. Before shouting out, he saw a black shadow flying and seemed to be heading for the distance.
Seeing this, the young man still didn’t shout out a word when he listened to the inflammation of the throne of the first patriarch. Erwin Engst couldn’t help but be shocked and shouted "Someone outside the window" at everyone.
"Someone outside the window? I found it first, okay? " I want to talk, and I was robbed by Yan Yang’s feelings and shame, so I whispered.
The situation in the attic has changed dramatically just after the boy was born. Looking back, where is there any figure in the attic?
Look at the attic door. At the moment, several figures in the courtyard have flashed through the crack of the door. I don’t know if these figures are just chasing out Yan Yang and others.
Nai shook his head and sighed bitterly. Although his credit was robbed by Yan Yang, the teenager was not too angry. Seeing that all the people were chasing him, he also followed out with the idea of joining in the fun.
Just after he got out of the attic, Ji didn’t see any figure except several people flashing across the roof in the distance.
Seeing this, the teenager couldn’t help shaking his head again with a wry smile and asking himself, "Isn’t he just a spy? Do you need so many experts to chase him?"
Ask yourself, after a while, the young man will sigh again, and then slowly move in the opposite direction, slowly moving towards the courtyard and leaving the attic.