The egg hurts very much, and Cheyenne naturally has no idea to pay attention to Wang Lame, who has forgotten what he came for and left very disappointed.

Cheyenne was addicted to pain and happy, but after a while he was summoned by Bai Mengyan to join the game at once. Bai Mengyan’s tone is very excited, which makes Cheyenne think. Is Su Qingyan really going to invest money in Bai Mengyan? After entering the game and switching to Zunbao’s little abused mode, […]

All of them want to marry their daughter into the general’s office. How can they not seize this opportunity and not carry it out to the end?

"I have a reasonable opinion that feelings can be cultivated. General Yun doesn’t have to be too rigid about whether there is an emotional foundation …" "Yes, General Yun, which engagement is not a parent’s life or a matchmaker’s words now? If the emperor personally give marriage that is a great gift … " "I […]

"Ha ha, it’s interesting. Now that you know my identity, you dare to talk to me like this?" Like a flower, the pupil shrinks and looks surprised at Zhao for a long time before slowly calming down.

No matter how weak she is, it is still easy for her to escape from here. "What about that? Just a buffoon, I still don’t care. "Zhao said lightly, look at the flower contra, even if it is an evil soul. What about contra? "What a buffoon! Today, I’ll suck your essence to see if […]

In addition to the fish line, the sea fish ziyu did not appear this time. This more let xiao five smelled a plot to taste. Yuziyu is the prince of the Great Demon Kingdom. Naturally, it is not good to get in touch with Xiao Wu in front of many guests. Otherwise, Xiao Wu, who will be "copied" in the future, will probably lose its value. At the same time, Xiao Wu also vaguely knew that Yuziyu and Bai Zhantang were only secretly in the mentoring relationship, but they kept it quiet.

After a few commonplaces, Bai Zhantang pulled Xiao Wu aside and whispered, "How is the condition of Wuer Tianer?" Xiao Wu showed a embarrassed look. "My father-in-law’s condition has improved and it is not good." Bai Zhantang wonders, "What is this?" Xiao Wu said, "After my unique medical skills and alchemy treatment. Tiandi’s condition has […]

Rogge was obsessed with arguing with the girl. Where do you remember that this is a tree? Unfortunately, Rogge planted it directly at the bottom of the tree, bringing dust all over the sky.

The girl’s belt fluttered gently before Rogge. Looking at Rogge, the girl with a black face and a swollen face couldn’t help laughing straight out. Rogge stared at each other with a bitter face and then whined and touched his forehead. "I’m going to kill you!" Rogge bite a tooth hate way "ouch ouch! Who […]

———— Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II Celestial Volume Chapter 365 Fire Kirin II Wanyao Mountain, the largest mountain group in Nanbu Prefecture, was not called Wanyao Mountain tens of thousands of years ago. After the establishment of Wanyao Hall, the deputy hall owner Phoenix Shenniao renamed the mountain group Wanyao Mountain, in which […]

"What’s the difference?" Graves dusted his ashes in a depressed way. In his memory, Chen Senran didn’t agree with him several times.

"The most important thing is Svein ….." Chen Senran turned his head to the battlefield. Although he is blind, his strength is definitely better than Graves’s. "It is absolutely impossible to have such a little thing … there must be cards." What is it? ———————— What is it? They rely on Puerto Rico stood on […]